Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Meeting of the Chittenden County Doll Club, part 2

The parade of dolls continues:

I am going to get into trouble here, because I may have missed getting this doll's name.  Could she be Skelita Calaveras?  She belongs to Shannon and she is a head-to-toe skeletal Monster High doll.  I love her sugar skull paint job.  I am thinking of doing something similar with an incoming blank Doll Chateau Ada.

Here is an Ever After High Blondie Locks, along with Operetta (as in Phantom of the Opera?) and Venus McFlytrap Monster High girls.  They belong to Shannon.

The little girl on the left is a Monster High Howleen that belongs to Shannon. The hybrid in the middle is Modern Wizard's Elfdoll Kathlen on an Asleep Eidolon mermaid body.  The tail is fully jointed and iridescent.  Next to her is Modern Wizard's Soom Kremer, who is sporting a new paint job since we last saw him.

Continuing with Modern Wizard's dolls, here is an Iplehouse Doria fantasy head on a Miro Doll breastpiece with a Domuya Body and Soom Topaz hands.  I think she wins this month's prize for the greatest number of doll company parts combined in one doll.  What can I say about her oversize prop?  The girl likes ice cream.

Dolly Lover brought these three.  They are a 62 year-old Ichimatsu Girl's Day doll (center) that belonged to her grandmother, flanked by two Volks Dollfie Dreams:  Miniko on the left on a Dynamite Third body, and Mayuki on the right on an Original body.

This Pullip Phoebe head on an Obitsu body also belongs to Dolly Lover.

Lucy the robot was back.  She belongs to and was made by Megan, who also brought a work in progress (below).
Looking forward to seeing this guy on a body!

Are you ready for more Monster High dolls?  I am!  These belong to Little Sister Cheyna.

Let's see if I can get these right, because my notes are not in the same order.  I believe we have Cleo de Nile on the left, followed by Ghoulia Dead Education (I'm assuming the little pink coffin is her school locker), Monster High Lagoona (with removable leg fins so she can wear pants), and on the right two School Rules Draculaura, one with wings and a tiny skeleton doll.  That leaves me with one name: Bleeding Edge Storm O' Misery.  Hang on a moment.  There's another photo.

Aha!  Here we have her (or them).  Monster High Bleeding Edge Storm O'Misery, times two.

Finally, a few parting shots:

Fire and Ice
Two kitties

Antique baby
The end

Attention all attendees:  If I have mis-identified any of your dolls, please leave a correction in the comments.  Many thanks!


  1. The short girl on the couch in the pink and blue outfit is a Monster High Howleen that belongs to Shannon. The last two are both Bleeding Edge Storm O'Misery. c: Great photos~!

    1. Thanks! Correction made. Glad you like the photos. If you want to see larger versions, just click on each photo.

  2. Wow! What an eclectic doll gathering you guys have! I would have loved to attend. It sounds like so much fun!

  3. Thank you. I don't know where you are located, Alison, but if you are anywhere in Vermont or the surrounding area, we'd love to see you at one of our meetups. All kinds of dolls are welcome--along with their people. Our next meetup is in October.