Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Meeting of the Chittenden County Doll Club, part 1

It's a first, folks!  Yesterday, for the first time, we attracted visitors from beyond our State's borders: two from Maine and one from La Belle Province de Quebec.  The latter is not a doll collector yet, but I hope we influenced her in the right direction and that she will not only come again but bring a doll next time.

There were so many dolls in attendance that I hardly know where to start.  I beg pardon ahead of time if I get some of them wrong.  We were such a loud and boisterous group that sometimes I couldn't hear what people were saying.

Pink brought a Luts CP Delf Yder, from the days before CP broke off and started FairyLand.  This guy is a cutie.

Yder in the background, with Angel Studio Leira (in pink Lolita outfit) and Junior Delf Maska (also Pink's).

I'm in love with this little cat.  (Too bad I didn't get the ears in the photo.)  This is Pink's Dear Mine Oriental Siamy.

Holy freakin' mod job!  This is a Soom Beyla with a couple of extra arms, an extremely well done modification by Pink.

I took several photos of this faun, but none that show him head-to-toe from the front.  This is a Delf Chiwoo head on a Dream of Doll DOI body with Soom Chalco hooves.  Pink said they put the hybrid together.  Impressive.

These are two of Melface's crew:  on the left is an Iplehouse JID Benny on a JID boy body.  The big guy on the right is a Natrume Misha Collins head on an Immortality of Soul 80 cm body.  That's 31 and 1/2 inches, which is really creeping up there on the yardstick!  His face-up and body blushing are by A Bandersnatch in Pajamas.  He's probably the most mature looking male doll I've seen yet.

More of Melface's dolls:  on the left with the light blue hair is a Dollzone Raphael; next is a Soom Aphan (whose face reminds me of a Kaye Wiggs doll); next is a FairyLand LittleFee Lewi in the red hair and skulls shirt; with JID Benny again on the right.

These also belong to Melface.  From left to right:  Doll Leaves Ada, SoulDoll Cubaren (with face staining by SoulDoll), Doll Leaves Royal, and another view of Dollzone Raphael.

The two dolls on the left belong to LyraJean: a Volks Chiyo in the kimono and an Alchemic Labo U-noa Sist in the blue dress.  The next three are FairyLand MiniFees and belong to me: a Sarang event head on a Moe-line body, followed by a Lishe and a Mirwen, both on Active-line bodies.

These are mine.  Lishe and Mirwen again on the left, with a Soom Super Gem Quartz Ice Dragon (minus the fantasy parts, which I sold) and Minifee Chloe on the Active-line body.

Two more of LyraJean's dolls:  a Volks Date and a Volks SD Masha.  Love his fingerless gloves.

Two of LyraJean's smaller dolls:  a Custom House Petite Sariel and a Volks YoSD Kira.

LyraJean's Hujoo Freya, painted to resemble her cat, and a Custom House Petite Ariel.  (There is a possibility that I have Ariel and Sariel reversed, but I think not.  Sariel has been around longer and I recognize the face.)

I don't know if Blogger puts a limit on the length of or number of photos in these blog posts, but just to be on the safe side I am breaking this one into two segments.  Part 2 follows.


  1. Whoops, did that post go through? By the way, it's Melface- my google account has a different name for some reason, ahaha! But yeah, everything on my big guy, Rake, was done by
    The wig is by Gingerknots on Etsy.

    1. Thanks for the update--I made the correction re: faceup, but forgot to mention the wig. I also had a look at Bandersnatch in Pajamas' blog. Lots of interesting face-ups and mods. Stylewise, your SoulDoll Cubaren could almost have passed through her hands.