Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saving Up for the Big Guy

I am about to break my cardinal rule of doll collecting, which is:  No Doll Bigger Than SID.

SID (Senior Iplehouse Doll) guys measure 65 cm, or 25.5 inches.  That's a lot of doll.  Especially when that doll is male, because the broad shoulders and chest, not to mention the tree-trunk arms and legs, make him that much heavier than, say, a female of that height.  It also makes him heavier than 65 cm male dolls from other companies.  The Soom Super Gem (e.g., my Quartz Ice Dragon) is 65 cm but weighs only 1.6 kg.  The SID, on the other hand, is 65 cm but weighs 2.12 kg.  That 65 cm cap is for my own good, because I simply can't restring anything bigger.  My hands and arms don't have it in them.

Enter the EID (Elder Iplehouse Doll).  There are two body types:  Model and Super Hero.  The Model type is taller at 70.5 cm, or 28.5 inches; the Super Hero, by comparison, measures 68.5 cm, or 27 inches.  (For those who need a point of reference, the inseam on a pair of misses' Perfect Fit pants from L.L. Bean is 29.5 inches.)  When it comes to weight, however, the Model is a slim 2.6 kg while the Super Hero bulks out at a whopping 3 kg.  Restringing one of these guys is going to require some heavy machinery.

So why an EID and why now?  Until now I have resisted the allure of the really big guys.  There was Dexter, a bad guy with a scowl, then Arvid, a good guy with a scowl.  Rex and Douglas did nothing for me; Victor wasn't my type; likewise Taregan and Elchanan.  I liked some of the EID basics:  Bichun, Tedros, Chase, Akando.  Other basics, such as Luo, Kamau and Evan, not so much.  The Carved Heritage theme dolls changed all that.  Leonard the pirate (and illegitimate son of a count) almost did me in.  I wavered close to the "buy" button, but in the end I resisted his raw sex appeal and held fast.  Good thing I did, because now comes Lawrence the naval officer, who pushed all my buttons and melted my resolve.  He's Horatio Hornblower come to life.  The decorations on his uniform may be a little off (someone said they combine captain with vice admiral) but the total effect is jaw dropping.  Gotta have me a gorgeous Royal Navy man.
This is not an actor. This is a DOLL.

And of course he comes along at a time when I have very little funds left in my PayPal balance.  What's a girl to do?  Ebay.  Thanks to ebay I have kept to my resolve to spend no new money on dolls.  Instead, I have been divesting myself of my vinyl doll collection, along with those resin dolls I no longer cherish.  The vinyl collection is down to fewer than a dozen dolls.  We are entering dangerous territory.  I cast about for other things to sell:  collectors' plates, doll catalogs, unused cloth doll patterns, etc.  The dollars are trickling in.  Will they be enough?  Lawrence is not only wicked big, he is also wicked expensive.  It's more money than I have ever spent on a doll.  Luckily I have until September 21st to come up with the funds.  And if I just miss the amount?  Well, that's what the credit card is for.  I can list some more auction items after I order him and hope to have the rest of the money by the time the card invoice arrives.

Oooh, I am so bad.

Updated March 24, 2015 to say that I didn't buy him after all.  Too big.  Too expensive.  End of story. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Meeting of the Chittenden County Doll Club, part 2

The parade of dolls continues:

I am going to get into trouble here, because I may have missed getting this doll's name.  Could she be Skelita Calaveras?  She belongs to Shannon and she is a head-to-toe skeletal Monster High doll.  I love her sugar skull paint job.  I am thinking of doing something similar with an incoming blank Doll Chateau Ada.

Here is an Ever After High Blondie Locks, along with Operetta (as in Phantom of the Opera?) and Venus McFlytrap Monster High girls.  They belong to Shannon.

The little girl on the left is a Monster High Howleen that belongs to Shannon. The hybrid in the middle is Modern Wizard's Elfdoll Kathlen on an Asleep Eidolon mermaid body.  The tail is fully jointed and iridescent.  Next to her is Modern Wizard's Soom Kremer, who is sporting a new paint job since we last saw him.

Continuing with Modern Wizard's dolls, here is an Iplehouse Doria fantasy head on a Miro Doll breastpiece with a Domuya Body and Soom Topaz hands.  I think she wins this month's prize for the greatest number of doll company parts combined in one doll.  What can I say about her oversize prop?  The girl likes ice cream.

Dolly Lover brought these three.  They are a 62 year-old Ichimatsu Girl's Day doll (center) that belonged to her grandmother, flanked by two Volks Dollfie Dreams:  Miniko on the left on a Dynamite Third body, and Mayuki on the right on an Original body.

This Pullip Phoebe head on an Obitsu body also belongs to Dolly Lover.

Lucy the robot was back.  She belongs to and was made by Megan, who also brought a work in progress (below).
Looking forward to seeing this guy on a body!

Are you ready for more Monster High dolls?  I am!  These belong to Little Sister Cheyna.

Let's see if I can get these right, because my notes are not in the same order.  I believe we have Cleo de Nile on the left, followed by Ghoulia Dead Education (I'm assuming the little pink coffin is her school locker), Monster High Lagoona (with removable leg fins so she can wear pants), and on the right two School Rules Draculaura, one with wings and a tiny skeleton doll.  That leaves me with one name: Bleeding Edge Storm O' Misery.  Hang on a moment.  There's another photo.

Aha!  Here we have her (or them).  Monster High Bleeding Edge Storm O'Misery, times two.

Finally, a few parting shots:

Fire and Ice
Two kitties

Antique baby
The end

Attention all attendees:  If I have mis-identified any of your dolls, please leave a correction in the comments.  Many thanks!

August 2014 Meeting of the Chittenden County Doll Club, part 1

It's a first, folks!  Yesterday, for the first time, we attracted visitors from beyond our State's borders: two from Maine and one from La Belle Province de Quebec.  The latter is not a doll collector yet, but I hope we influenced her in the right direction and that she will not only come again but bring a doll next time.

There were so many dolls in attendance that I hardly know where to start.  I beg pardon ahead of time if I get some of them wrong.  We were such a loud and boisterous group that sometimes I couldn't hear what people were saying.

Pink brought a Luts CP Delf Yder, from the days before CP broke off and started FairyLand.  This guy is a cutie.

Yder in the background, with Angel Studio Leira (in pink Lolita outfit) and Junior Delf Maska (also Pink's).

I'm in love with this little cat.  (Too bad I didn't get the ears in the photo.)  This is Pink's Dear Mine Oriental Siamy.

Holy freakin' mod job!  This is a Soom Beyla with a couple of extra arms, an extremely well done modification by Pink.

I took several photos of this faun, but none that show him head-to-toe from the front.  This is a Delf Chiwoo head on a Dream of Doll DOI body with Soom Chalco hooves.  Pink said they put the hybrid together.  Impressive.

These are two of Melface's crew:  on the left is an Iplehouse JID Benny on a JID boy body.  The big guy on the right is a Natrume Misha Collins head on an Immortality of Soul 80 cm body.  That's 31 and 1/2 inches, which is really creeping up there on the yardstick!  His face-up and body blushing are by A Bandersnatch in Pajamas.  He's probably the most mature looking male doll I've seen yet.

More of Melface's dolls:  on the left with the light blue hair is a Dollzone Raphael; next is a Soom Aphan (whose face reminds me of a Kaye Wiggs doll); next is a FairyLand LittleFee Lewi in the red hair and skulls shirt; with JID Benny again on the right.

These also belong to Melface.  From left to right:  Doll Leaves Ada, SoulDoll Cubaren (with face staining by SoulDoll), Doll Leaves Royal, and another view of Dollzone Raphael.

The two dolls on the left belong to LyraJean: a Volks Chiyo in the kimono and an Alchemic Labo U-noa Sist in the blue dress.  The next three are FairyLand MiniFees and belong to me: a Sarang event head on a Moe-line body, followed by a Lishe and a Mirwen, both on Active-line bodies.

These are mine.  Lishe and Mirwen again on the left, with a Soom Super Gem Quartz Ice Dragon (minus the fantasy parts, which I sold) and Minifee Chloe on the Active-line body.

Two more of LyraJean's dolls:  a Volks Date and a Volks SD Masha.  Love his fingerless gloves.

Two of LyraJean's smaller dolls:  a Custom House Petite Sariel and a Volks YoSD Kira.

LyraJean's Hujoo Freya, painted to resemble her cat, and a Custom House Petite Ariel.  (There is a possibility that I have Ariel and Sariel reversed, but I think not.  Sariel has been around longer and I recognize the face.)

I don't know if Blogger puts a limit on the length of or number of photos in these blog posts, but just to be on the safe side I am breaking this one into two segments.  Part 2 follows.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Risky Business for Pendaran

I have a doll meet up next Saturday, so I decided to make a new outfit for Pendaran, my Soom Quartz Ice Dragon.  Adams-Harris patterns for Unidoll boys are a pretty good fit on the Super Gem body.  The clothes are a bit loose, but I prefer that to bursting at the seams.  Much easier to take in a seam than to let one out.

The Risky Business pattern makes three pieces:  jeans, a tee shirt, and a big shirt worn over the other two pieces.  I've made the tee and jeans before; this was my first time making the shirt.  The pattern envelope shows the shirt made from two contrasting fabrics.  I knew immediately that I would use Half Moon by Moda, which I happen to have in black-on-white and white-on-black.  Normally I don't like to use black fabric next to a doll's skin in case it stains the resin, but this fabric has the white woven through it, so that the wrong side of the fabric is gray instead of black.

It's a good thing I am on vacation this week, because after two days of working on the shirt, it still lacks buttons/snaps before I can call it finished.  I had to pin it on with straight pins in order to take photos.  I also want to make white jeans but haven't even started on them.  I don't know if I'll make him another tee.  He has a yellow one that should work under the shirt.

The Moda fabric sewed up beautifully, but is a bit stiff for a doll's shirt.  It will do for a shirt-jacket. I'm thinking of making one in gauze when I have the time.  It should drape a lot better.  Out of curiosity, I tried the shirt on an Iplehouse nYID boy.  It's a good fit across the shoulders, but the sleeves are long.  Pendaran has the same problem with sleeve length.  I also draped the shirt across an SID's shoulders; he's quite a bit broader in the chest than the nYID so I decided not to force it.  Maybe in a different with a little stretch.  That's a project for another day.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My First Outfit for MiniFee Moe Line

Until now, my MiniFee M-line Sarang has been wearing the blue crochet and embroidered net dress I bought on the DoA marketplace.  While it looks lovely on her, I figured it was high time I made her something all her own.

Lately I have been trying various clothing items on her to see what fits, to gauge which patterns might work.  I had read that some YoSD items fit, but none of my things for BID or LittleFee would work.  The only thing that sort of fit was the bottom part of a romper I sewed for my Kaye Wiggs tinies.  Millie and Lillie have gone on to other homes, so it would have been fun if I could re-purpose some of their clothing.  Despite the M-line's larger bust, the blouse from the Steampunk for MiniFee* pattern fit well, so I decided to make her one like it, paired with balloon shorts derived from the rompers pattern.

The fabric I selected has a suitably small print.  I had hoped to trim it with pink lace, but the only pink I had was much too wide and the motif didn't lend itself easily to cutting down.  White was too glaring, so I went with off-white.  (Now that I think of it, I also had small black lace, which would have been stunning against the pink when paired with black fabric for the bottoms.  Next time, maybe.)  Earlier this summer I bought several assortments of micro mini buttons at a quilt show.  In one set I found small pink heart buttons--perfect for the blouse.

Blouses and dress bodices take me a long time to sew.  They always seem to entail lots of fiddly bits, like darts and collars and set-in sleeves, not to mention trims.  Once I get past the blouse or bodice, the rest of the outfit is a piece of cake, comparatively speaking.  After working on the blouse all Saturday afternoon, my eyes were so bleary that I had to leave it until Sunday to finish.  Today I put the finishing touches on it--set the sleeves, sewed the side seams, finished a few raw edges (with zig-zag stitch and pinking shears, because I still don't own a serger) and sewed snaps and buttons.  I looked at the clock and decided I wouldn't have time to tackle the rompers pattern, so I opted to make a simple skirt instead.

I probably should have stuck to my original plans and made the rompers.  The skirt is not a fabulous fit.  The waistband gaps.  It might have fit better with a curved waistband instead of one made from a straight piece of fabric.  It will do for now, but next weekend I think I may attempt the rompers after all.  Hmm, I wonder how much trouble it would be to change out the ecru lace for black?

After sleeping on it, I awoke with a simple solution to the gappy waistband.  All I need to do is open the sides of the waistband and pass a length of elastic through it.  Pull it snug, tack it to the waistband and close it up again.  What's funny is I wasn't even thinking about the problem when I went to bed.  It just sorted itself out in my sleeping brain.

* Adams-Harris Patterns

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dolls on Strike!

It was Ophelia who brought the sorry business to my attention.

You'd better come.  The JIDs have kicked the LittleFees 
off the bed.  Something's going down.

With a sigh, I went to have a look.  This is what I found:

We're taking over.  You've ignored us long enough.

How have I ignored you?

The other dolls get the good stories.  They get 
the good clothing.  We don't even get new wigs.

Not only that, they get new friends, while 
our numbers are dwindling.

There is some truth in what they say.  I've been collecting more big dolls (SIDs and nYIDs) and more FairyLand dolls, clothing and wigging them, and featuring them in stories.  And I did sell two JIDs.
These are our demands:  1) We want new clothes.  
2) We want some new wigs.  3) We want a boyfriend.

Now wait a minute.  You had Boris.  He was so bored here that he left.  As I recall, none of you particularly liked him.

He wasn't our type.

Who is?
Colin.  He's so cute...
Or Daniel.  He has bedroom eyes.

I can't afford to bring either of those boys here right now.

You could if you weren't so busy making shopping 
lists of all the SID stuff you want to buy.

Guilty as charged.  On the other hand, it doesn't stop at Colin or Daniel, does it?  A JID boy would need clothing.  Remember Boris and his too-tight pants?  I've given those to Alastair.  Speaking of which, what's wrong with Alastair as a boyfriend?
He's barely tall enough.  Plus he's skinny as a string bean...

That's not so.  He has formidable muscles.

He's thinner than we are!  And he has a tiny head.

So what do you really want?  Clothes, wigs, or a boyfriend?  I can't afford all three.
A boyfriend!

We can do a boyfriend.  It won't be right away, because as it stands now, I can only afford the basic boy with a faceup.  After having Boris around and seeing what the muscle body is like, I would prefer to get the model body next time.  That's extra money.  So is the mobility joint, which I think he might need...
I think you're finding reasons to put off buying him.

Then there's the cost of his transportation, which will be exorbitant.  If you want him to come here, you'd better pray that my stuff starts seeing some action on ebay.

What are you selling?

Some collectors plates and some Ellowyne Wilde catalogs.  I also have some Tonner catalogs and newsletters to list.  We're not talking big ticket items, only a few dollars here and there.


Okay, what?
We'll be patient.  So long as you promise Colin--or 
Daniel--will get here eventually.

It's a deal.