Sunday, July 20, 2014

Zoey's Almost Bicycle Ride

Desdemona and Zoey were outside enjoying a bit of fresh air, when they were nearly bowled over by Alastair on his bicycle.

"Do you have a license to drive this thing?" Zoey wanted to know.

"Don't need a license.  It's a bike, not a car."

"You still need to follow the rules of the road," Desdemona said, frowning.  "That's the problem with bicycle riders.  You need to stop at stop signs and obey traffic signals, not breeze through them as if they weren't there.  You should be wearing a helmet.  And you need to ride in the road, not on the sidewalk..."

"Thank you for the public service announcement, Miss Know-It-All.  As you can see, I'm not riding at the moment.  I'm stopped."  He winked at Zoey.  "You ride?"

"I ride a girl's bike, not a big bike like this."

"You want to try it?"


"Come on.  I'll hold the bike to keep it steady.  You won't fall off."

So Zoey climbed onto the bike, thankful that Alastair was holding it, because the kickstand alone did not look strong enough to keep it from toppling.

"It's way too big for you, Zoey," Desdemona said.  "Your hands barely reach the handlebars."

"It's fine," said Alastair, ignoring her.  "Just lean forward, like you were racing the wind."

"Oh, oh...I think the wind is winning!"

"The kickstand is still down.  You haven't advanced at all."

"And I'm not going to.  Let me down."

"Aww...You want to get on behind me?  I'll pedal, you just hold on."

"Thanks for the offer.  Maybe some other time."

"As you wish."

Zoey (MiniFee Chloe) is wearing new jeans and a top made from the All Dolled Up MiniFee pattern by Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  Desdemona (MiniFee Mirwen) is wearing the Flirty MiniFee blouse and skirt, also an Adams-Harris pattern.  Alastair (Luts MDF Avalanche) is wearing pants and a tee shirt purchased from Luts.  Wigs for Alastair and Desdemona are from Luts; Chloe's wig is a Monique Gold Pretty Girl.  Desdemona's new face-up is by me.


  1. What a great bike! Cute story.

    1. Thanks! I was thrilled to find a bike that wasn't pink or purple. This one is from Pier One Imports. The only downside is the kickstand doesn't move. Everything else that is supposed to move does.

  2. Very cute! And that bicycle is a fantastic prop piece!

    1. Thank you. It's so hard to find good props!