Saturday, July 5, 2014

Little Dreamers / Ennui Dreams

I bought a bed this week.  Not for me, but for my dolls.  I looked at American Girl beds for a long time before deciding to buy something different, the reason being that I was afraid the AG product would be out of scale.  The last item I bought from them, a table that opens into a desk and chair, is too big for my MSD size dolls and too small for SD size.  It probably would have worked with the larger Kaye Wiggs girls.  Unfortunately, I sold my Wiggs dolls, so now it sits on a shelf, unused.  Wilde Imagination's website has been showing a bed for Ellowyne and friends; however, it was listed at nearly $300, too steep in my opinion for a mere bed.

Enter the sale.  I don't collect Ellowyne Wilde anymore.  That doesn't stop me from looking when prices go down, because many of Ellowyne's things fit MiniFees.  When I saw the Ennui Dreams bed on sale at one-third the usual cost, I jumped on it.  A few days later it was at my door. 

The first thing I saw was the large plastic envelope full of bedding.  Talk about impressive!  There is a thick white comforter with all the frills a girl could want.  There is a silky gray sheet and two pillows with matching silky gray pillowcases.  Then there are the decorative pillows--six of them, to be exact.  There are two that match the comforter, two with white on white embroidery and a gray border, a smaller gray pillow with darker gray embroidery trimmed with pink beads, and a small gray bolster.  The foam mattress lay outside the envelope, already covered in a fitted silky gray sheet.  I have just one word to say about the bedding:  WOW!

The bed itself was less than a wow.  It came in two parts--the bed frame and a separate fabric-trimmed headboard.  There was a small plastic envelope taped underneath the bed frame containing two long screws and two round pegs.  No instructions.  I went in search of a screwdriver.  How hard could it be?  The pegs obviously were designed to go into the two round holes drilled in the headboard and frame, and the screws went into the two smaller holes.  Half an hour later the headboard was on--after a fashion--but the headboard had split on either side of the holes and I could still see about a quarter-inch of wooden peg and the same amount of each screw.  The headboard wobbled.  Surely it wasn't supposed to fit this way.  I took it apart and put it aside while I mulled over the problem.

The next day I tried again, with the same results.  I considered gluing the headboard to the frame.  That would serve two purposes:  to fill the spaces where the wood had split and to hold the two parts together.  Still, those wooden pegs bothered me.  Why didn't they allow the headboard to sit flush against the bed frame?  It appears that either the pegs were too long, or the drilled holes were too short.  I got out a knife and trimmed the extra quarter-inch of wood off each peg.  The headboard went on perfectly after that, leaving me to wonder why Wilde Imagination didn't send the right size pegs to begin with.  I should probably mention that the pegs weren't perfectly round, either.  I had to trim some wood off the sides to get them into the holes.  All the time I kept thinking about square pegs in round holes.  (They weren't actually square; they were more oval in shape.)

Ennui Dreams is supposed to be a single bed, but the width and thickness of the comforter gives the impression of a double bed--if not a queen.  I didn't try putting a doll under the covers to see if that would take up some of the slack.  I suspect not, as the comforter is just too stiff to mold itself around a doll body.  That is a minor quibble, given that the bed looks lush and comfy.  I decided to let my two LittleFee girls--Ante and Lishe--try it out.  They earned the honor by virtue of being my only dolls with sleep faces that have a face-up.  I have a couple of U-noa sleep faceplates, but I haven't painted them yet.  The Fees are so small that they remind me of kittens curled up on a bed.  Even adding MiniFee Lishe didn't crowd them.

Hmm, I suppose I should sew some nightgowns and pajamas...  I wonder how hard it will be to convince Ante and Lishe to take off their shoes before getting under the covers?


  1. That bedding (and the bed itself) look fabulous!

    I was scanning the Ellowyne Wilde sale as well, but didn't even thing to look at items like this. Clearly I missed out! :)

    1. I think the bed was the only item of furniture available. Wilde Imagination doesn't do a lot of furniture--I wish they'd make more available. I missed out on the boudoir table and stool, so I wasn't about to miss the bed.

  2. It looks so lovely, great purchase! Love the photographs :-) . Linda

    1. Thanks! I had to get creative with the photos so as not to show my own bed beside the doll bed. It was so totally out of scale! LOL.