Sunday, June 15, 2014

It Took Four Months But Oscar Is Finally Here

After the longest wait ever for an Iplehouse doll, I finally received nYID Oscar yesterday.  He made the actual journey in record time, however, leaving South Korea Thursday afternoon and arriving in New York Friday morning, then reaching me exactly 24 hours later.  Of course, it helps that there are 14 hours difference between here and there--making it appear as though the plane departs and arrives at the same time on the same day.
Oscar with original 12 mm acrylic eyes.  Too much iris.

He arrived at my local Post Office too late to ride in the delivery truck.  When that happens, a Postal employee gets in his car and drives the package to my house.  Not that I'm special, just that it's Express Mail.  That's how Oscar made it to my door just ahead of my usual mail carrier.  In fact, the two vehicles passed one another in the street outside my house.
Oscar with 11 mm Eyeco silicone eyes.  Much better.

So, just when I was beginning to despair of showing him off at yesterday's doll meet-up, there he was with time to spare.  Well, not a lot of time.  Just enough to tear into the box and dress him in the clothing I ordered at the same time I placed the doll order.  Luckily I ordered everything I would need:  wig, pants, shirt, sweater, shoes.  In the interest of saving time, I left off the sweater.  I wish now I had taken the few extra minutes to wrestle it onto him, because the rest of his outfit was bland, to say the least:  pale tan-and-white jeans, pale yellow shirt, brown loafers.  I promised him I would finish dressing him and take lots of photos later.
There is a height difference between male and female nYID.  Olivia is wearing flat shoes instead of heels, so she appears even shorter.
After taking photos at the doll meet-up (which will get a separate post later) I realized that I would need to change Oscar's eyes.  Iplehouse sent him with 12 mm blue acrylic eyes, which should work given the width of the eyes.  They don't, unfortunately, because Oscar's eyes are rather narrow (dare I say squinty?) so all I could see were two slits filled with dark blue.  I had exactly two pairs of 11 mm Eyeco eyes left at home, a gray-blue and a light green.  I tried both on him and decided I liked the light green better.  What a difference!  You wouldn't think dropping from 12 mm to 11 mm would even be noticeable, but I can now see the entire iris with white on either side.
"She can't keep her hands off me.  Not that I mind."

The weather forecast called for good weather today, which gave me hope that I could photograph Oscar outdoors.  All morning I watched the gray clouds outside my widows.  Would it clear up?  Would it rain?  It did eventually clear up, but by then the sun had worked its way around to the back of the house, putting my deck in full sunlight with no shade except underneath the little bistro table.  I didn't fancy lying flat on the deck to take photos, so I opted to take them on my dining room table instead with my Shoji screen blocking the mess behind it.  I'm getting sick and tired of that screen as a backdrop; the alternative, however, is not pretty.

Olivia had a new dress to show off (Iple's Marilyn dress) so I photographed the two of them together.  I'd say they both enjoyed the session.
Love the shape of this wig, but the hairs won't stay where they're brushed.

Oscar, by the way, will be going by the name Phineas.  Oscar has too many associations for me:  Oscar the Grouch, Oscar Madison, "and the Oscar goes to...", not to mention, "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener."  He doesn't look like an Oscar.  As long as he wore the oversize blue eyes, I couldn't come up with another name for him.  As soon as I changed them, the name Phineas popped into my head.  There is Phineas Fogg, of course.  But the Phineas I had in mind is one of the protagonists in the John Knowles novel, A Separate Peace.  Phineas, aka Finny.  I like it.  I think it will stick.

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