Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fairyland Sarang on Moe Body

If you are a fan of Fairyland dolls, as I am, the above title makes perfect sense.  If not, you probably have a few questions.  Sarang?  Did she mean sarong?  Moe body?  Did she mean more body?  For those who crave a few words of explanation, the Sarang head was an event gift from earlier this year.  I don't recall exactly which event, but seeing as Sarang means Love in Korean, I suspect it may have been Valentine's Day.  And the Moe body (or M-line) is a recent addition to Fairyland's MiniFee line.  Put the two together and we have a MiniFee M-line with a Sarang head.

Sarang means Love.  Wig from LeekeWorld.

I didn't place a qualifying order during the Valentine's event, so no gift head for me.  Some people who did receive Sarang heads gave them face-ups and offered them for sale.  Lucky for me, I was able to buy one with a really cute face-up.  I rarely buy floating heads, simply because I then have to find bodies for them.  I knew from looking at Sarang's photos that a Moe-line body would be perfect.  M-lines are a little shorter than the standard A-line and B-line MiniFees, (38 cm instead of 41 cm) with smaller, dainty hands and feet and a larger bust.  I didn't like the body when Fairyland first released it, but owner photos over the past few months have convinced me otherwise.  I mentioned to the head's seller in passing that I would probably order Sarang a Moe body.  She had one for sale but hadn't yet listed it.  Did I want to buy it?  Did I!  That was probably the quickest sale ever.

Clothing this body will be slightly challenging.  Some MiniFee things will fit, but slacks and some skirts will be too long, as the height difference is mainly in the legs.  The little blue dress she is wearing is short enough that it actually fits her better than it does the taller girls.  And the crochet bodice conforms nicely to her shapely bust.

No matter how I try to make her sit, she wants to sit cross-legged.

Shoes that fit MiniFee are already hard to find.  Tiny Moe-line feet make that search even harder.  Right now I have her in flats that I bought for U-noa Chibi Lilin, who is even shorter than she is.  Lilin, however, has slightly longer feet; on Sarang the shoes are loose.  Stockings would help, if I can find some that aren't too long.  The pantyhose I have were designed for taller dolls.
Wearing a pink-blond wig from LeekeWorld.

I have tried a number of wigs on her and have come to the conclusion that she wants to be a brunette.  Of course, most of the wigs I have that fit her are either very light brown or blond.  She seems to have a larger head than some of the other MiniFees and so fits better in a size 7/8, although I can squeeze her into a 6/7 wig if the cap is stretchy enough.

With MiniFee A-line Chloe to show height difference.  Monique and Jpopdolls wigs.
That larger head is something of a bobble head.  In order to make it fit on the body, I had to stick pieces of moleskin where the head joins the neck piece.  I encountered the opposite problem with Siean, who was an event head from last year.  Her head was so tight that I couldn't turn the resin knob to fasten it to the neck piece--I first had to carve away resin from inside the head.  All of which makes me wonder why Fairyland finds it so difficult to come up with a MiniFee gift head that is uniform in size with its other MiniFee heads.  Or did I end up with the only two models that don't fit?

I don't want to leave you with the impression that I don't like this little girl, because that is definitely not the case.  She's adorable and I like her a lot.  As the one short girl she brings an element of surprise and interest to my otherwise uniform MiniFee lineup.  As the French say, Vive la difference!

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