Sunday, June 8, 2014

After the Kiss (Samantha Grace's Story)

What just happened in there?  I thought I was in complete control of the situation.  Shane surprised me.  I didn’t know he had it in him.  Or, I guess I knew; only I didn’t expect him to act so soon.

Maybe I shouldn’t have expected to twirl him around my little finger.  After all, he’s had two years to think about things.  About us.  Two years to plan revenge, if revenge was on his mind.  Kiss her, make her care, leave her.  

I don’t know.  It didn’t taste like revenge.  More like hunger.  A hunger that’s been building for two years.  I guess I can’t begrudge him a kiss.  

But to leave so suddenly afterwards…  Was he so surprised by his action that he had to leave?  Was he afraid he’d take it further if he stayed?  Did he really mean he’d call me tomorrow?  Or was that his way of saying good-bye? 

I’m over-thinking this.  We met.  We talked.  We kissed.  He said he’d call.  Well lah-di-dah!  Lots of encounters go that way.  It doesn’t mean a thing.  If he comes back…fine.  If he doesn’t…fine.  I move on.  I’ve never been a weakling.  I’m certainly not going to start now. 

Samantha Grace is back, boy.  Get used to it.

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