Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reunion (Samantha Grace's Story)

Thanks for agreeing to see me.

I'm always happy to see my friends, Shane.

Is that what we are?  Friends?  We used to be something more.

Lovers come and go.  Friends are forever.  In my book, anyway.

You've been reading the wrong books.  Mind if I sit down?

Please, do.

You cut your hair.

Mmm.  Like it?

I dunno.  I expect it'll grow on me.

[Laughs]  Don't worry.  It will be long again in no time.

I always say the wrong thing with you.  Just so you 
know, it's not intentional.

Did you ever consider it's because we're not suited to one another?


How can you be sure?

No other girl--woman--makes me feel this way.

Again, that could be proof that we're not meant to be.

No.  I don't accept that.  I waited for you.  
That must mean something.

It could mean that you were afraid to venture into foreign waters by yourself.

I compared every other woman to you.  They all fell short.

[Whispers]  Thank  you, Shane.  That's sweet.

It's true.

For all you know, I could have left a string of lovers behind in Europe.

Did you?

I don't think so.  But I could have.

Even if you did, the fact that you're telling 
me about them means they were unimportant to you.

It could also mean that I consider you a close friend.  The kind of friend you confide in.

Why do you torture me like this?

Dear Shane, why can't you think with your head instead of your heart?

Kiss me.


Kiss me.  Put your lips together on mine and kiss me.

Like this?

I'll call you tomorrow, Samantha Grace.

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