Sunday, April 27, 2014

MiniFee De-Lishe

We can thank Food Network star Rachel Ray for her heartfelt shortening of "delicious" into "de-lish".  She says it with such emphasis that you know the food in question is undeniably tasty.  Well, I recently came across a FairyLand MiniFee Lishe whose gorgeous artist faceup made her nothing short of de-Lishe!

As usual, I wasn't planning on buying a doll when I went to ebay.  I had sold a doll and wanted to see if the buyer had made payment.  This was totally unnecessary, as I always get emails from both ebay and PayPal when I've been paid.  No emails had come, but I checked anyway.

Anyone who spends any time on ebay knows that ebay remembers the things you've looked at and plasters them across your screen the moment you log on, along with other items in the same category.  That means I log on and see new listings of Iplehouse, FairyLand, and a few other brands of dolls, along with clothing and accessories that fit them.  And there she was:  MiniFee Lishe.  I confess, I had looked at her a couple of times already.  Looked and dismissed, because the seller was in Australia and I knew that shipping costs from Australia tend to be astronomical.  But Lishe was still there.  And her listing period was ending within the hour...

Not to drag it out any longer, you know I bought the doll.  And yes, the shipping cost was high.  I have paid less to have dolls shipped from Korea.  Doesn't matter.  I had to have her.  Love at first sight does that to me.  The seller was awesome and included a two-piece crochet dress, free of charge.  Gifts of clothing occasionally come with a doll.  Sometimes the clothing does not fit well or is not something I would ever buy.  This was one of those happy occasions where the clothing was both a perfect fit and definitely something I would choose.  Actually, I want to learn how to make outfits like this.  I need someone to give me lessons, however, because all I remember of crochet is how to make a basic chain.  It's a long way from that to a dress.

Lishe also came with a wig.  I love it, it's perfect for her, but I can't get it to stay on her head.  It's a size 6/7, which is a size that fits MiniFees when there is some stretch to the wig cap.  I did get it to stay on her head briefly once, but within a few minutes it had worked its way off again.  In the end, I gave up and found her a similar wig from Jpopdolls.  It is also a 6/7, but it's stretchy, goes on without a fuss and stays on.  The longer wig in the last photo is a 7/8, also from Jpopdolls.  I was afraid it would be too loose, but it seems to be a good fit.

I now own all of my favorite MiniFee sculpts:  Shushu, Siean, Chloe, Mirwen, Juri '08 and Lishe.  (I had Celine but sold her.  I didn't care for the teeth.)  I'm not as enamored of the boy sculpts and have only Karsh.  Within a few weeks I should receive a Luts Model Delf Avalanche.  (Who comes up with these names?)  I'm hoping his size will work with the MiniFee girls.  The numbers will never even out, but one boy to six girls just isn't fair.

Lishe will go by the name Tasha, in honor of American illustrator Tasha Tudor, who lived the last 30 some-odd years of her life in Vermont.  My Tasha is on the Active line body, with large bust and model legs.  It's the same combination that Mallory (Shushu) has.  I actually prefer the model legs to the cutie legs.  The cuties tend to look bow-legged, whereas the model legs are straight.

Isn't she de-lish?


  1. Oh, she is SO PRETTY! What a find--I like that sculpt anyway but the face and the dress are so good together. Plus Minifee are just a delight anyway. :D Congratulations!
    PS I loved Tasha Tudor as a child too..and still do.

  2. She's pretty & I love her dress! You SHOULD learn to make these clothes...and sell them. Hat way you can buy MORE dolls. :-)

  3. It's funny, but I find that the dolls I end up liking the most are often not the ones I plan and save for, but the ones that practically fall into my lap. I can tell Tasha is going to be a favorite. I've been trying to remember the forum name of the faceup artist. I believe the seller said it's Fantoose, but I can't find any references to her online. She does beautiful work.