Sunday, April 20, 2014

Audrey's Easter Bonnet

Iplehouse recently released several new outfits for nYID and SID women.  If money were no object, I would have filled my shopping cart.  As it happened, I could afford only two.  Both are associated with Iple's current pirate themed story.  No, they're not pirate outfits.  One is a nightgown and peignoir set that could fit into any of several historical periods.  I'm saving that one for Samantha's story.  The other is a frothy pink-and-white confection called the Sissi set.  The moment I saw it, I knew it was perfect for nYID Audrey.

The dress itself is a historical anomaly. My impression is that the pirate tale takes place in an earlier century, but parts of this dress could have been worn during the American Civil War and parts of it feel almost Victorian.  The bonnet, on the other hand, would do a Jane Austen heroine proud.  (Think early 1800s.)  With its white lace and pink flowers, it's an Easter extravaganza that sets off Audrey's pink and white complexion to a tee.

There are two sets of ties to the bonnet, one in white lace and one in pink fabric.  I wasn't sure how it all went together, so I went back to Iple's site, where they appear to tie both together in one big bow.  Well, that's fine on their model, who has short hair.  It didn't work quite the same way with a long wig, so I tied the lace ties under her chin and let the pink fabric ribbons trail down the length of her hair.  I didn't take a photo from the rear, but here is one with the pink ribbons brought around to the front.

Did I mention how I love the dress fabric?  The dainty sprigs of pink flowers scattered on a field of white, the tiny pink ribbons, pink flowers and white lace trim--I only wish the flowered fabric continued the full length of the dress.  Thank goodness there is some textural interest to the bottom ruffle; otherwise the underskirt could be mistaken for a slip.

It's a voluminous dress.  In it, Audrey takes up the same amount of shelf space as three dolls in modern dress.  Not that she hasn't been displaced by other dolls in wide skirts in the past, such as Zera in the Sleeping Beauty gown.  The way I see it, this is Audrey's time to shine. 

Iplehouse has released a new basic EID woman.  She is the reworking of the Yur sculpt and her new look makes her a prime candidate to be Audrey's older sister.  Of course, I would prefer to get her on the slightly smaller SID body, which is possible only by ordering via Iple's Doll Choice system.  The only trouble there is that Iple has released a gorgeous wine red dress--and it's in EID size.  [Sigh.]  I'll have to sell at least two BJDs to buy Yur plus the dress.  Who's it gonna be?


  1. I think these costumes are beautiful (lucky you), but I have always been a sucker for period fashion. IpleHouse have a neat way of interpreting these styles by combining the best of each period. It would be nice to have dolls large enough to wear them, but when it comes down to it I love the tiny dolls too much to change now.

    1. Collecting smaller dolls doesn't mean having to do without period clothes. Iplehouse issued lovely period costumes for the debut of KID Lonnie. I almost bought the girl just to get the dress. The boy version was super cute, too.