Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5, 2014 Meeting of the Chittenden County Doll Club

Where did everybody go?  Last meet-up we had around nine people (and who knows how many dolls) show up.  This time we were back to four collectors and about a dozen dolls.  Couldn't be the weather, because it wasn't snowing, nor was it mild enough for folks to be out engaging in warm weather related activities.  Whatever the reason for the no-shows, those of us in attendance more than made up for their absence with our enthusiasm.  But enough blather from me.  On to the dolls...

The ensemble, minus one.
Modern Wizard brought Janvier Jett, her Angelsdoll cat avatar, whom we hadn't seen in a long time.  The Wiz tried to make me believe that Janvier has worn that wig and that outfit to meet-ups before; however, my photos say otherwise:

Lyrajean brought the largest contingent of dolls.  Her Iplehouse EID Asa was back, accompanied by a new EID Bibiane.  I was watching Bibiane on ebay, so imagine my surprise when I found out she had been adopted by someone in our group.  Unoa Sist, Custom House Petite Sariel and Volks Yo-SD Kira were there, along with Hujoo Freya, just back from getting a faceup to match Lyrajean's cat.  Cute!  Also new was her DIM (Doll in Mind) Love Lloyd.  Actually, only his body is new.  She has had the head for a year.
Grace, Bibiane and Asa testing the theory that redheads have more fun.

Kira and Sariel feel a lurking presence behind them.
Pretty kitty!
Pouting Lloyd, who had nothing to wear!
Megan brought another outstanding sculpt of her own: a robot girl named Lucy.  Lucy's back comes off to show the robot's inner workings.  So cool!  So Megan, when can we buy your dolls?

I brought Iplehouse KID Lisa again, hoping to compare notes with the other collector in the group who bought a Lisa.  Unfortunately she missed the meeting.  If it weren't for the fact that we bought different heads (my Lisa has the human head and hers has the fantasy head) and the dolls are different resin colors, people might suspect we take turns showing the same doll.  Ophelia (my Lisa) was in full evil child mode, trying to bend the other small dolls to her will.   My Iplehouse BID Naias, who goes by the name Daphne, was having none of it, preferring to sit and chat with Lyrajean's Unoa Sist.
Unoa Sist with Daphne and rabbit-eared friend
Wicked Ophelia
My new Iplehouse SID Grace was in attendance, although not in her full set, which my FeePle65 Siean is still wearing.  It's far too fussy an outfit to bring to a meet-up; I'd have spent a good half-hour getting her dressed.  I can't believe I didn't photograph her by herself.  The little Volks Yo-SD Ryo I recently acquired in trade also came along, wearing boots I made for him and trailing his faithful dog Bo (a Ty Beanie Baby keychain, minus the key clip).

Grace with Bibiane and Asa.
Volks Yo-SD Ryo.  I call him Rio, or River.

Next meet-up, for those who forgot or had more pressing matters to attend to yesterday, will be on Saturday, June 14th, at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction.  By then I hope to have received my nYID Oscar and a BID Ringo boy, both on order from Iplehouse.


  1. Blame the flu; but it still looks like it was a fun meetup! I always enjoy your blog so much!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, ladies. We did have fun, despite our smaller numbers.