Sunday, March 2, 2014

Samantha's Story Begins

This story, which will continue over a number of posts, will introduce my newest Iplehouse doll, SID The Addiction Grace, who arrived yesterday.  It will not be a vampire story, as the Addiction dolls I have bought so far are human versions, but rather it will follow the lives of my larger Iplehouse dolls (nYID, SID, and EID).  Today's players are Jamie (SID Claude) and Evgeny (SID Barahan).

Let us begin...

"Evgeny!  Over here."

"Jamie.  I got your message.  So why are we meeting in the shrubbery?"

"I have something to tell you.  Something important.  And I didn't want Shane to overhear."

"Shane?  Why not?"

"Samantha Grace is coming home."

"Little Sam!  Except she's probably not so little anymore."

"She was big enough to break Shane's heart when she left.  Heaven only knows what she's like now."

"You haven't heard from her in all this time?"

"You know Samantha.  Probably too busy to keep in touch."

"Maybe that finishing school kept a tight rein on her.  On all the girls, for that matter."

"Maybe.  The only message I got was the one telling me what time to meet her train."

"Traveling by train.  That's so...Steampunk?"

"Yeah.  Hard to imagine, isn't it?  Samantha Grace gone punk."

"Yeah.  So, what about Shane?"

"I don't want him there to meet her."

"You can't guarantee it.  What if she sent him a message, too?"

"It's unlikely.  I mean, first she dumps him, then she stays away two years.  Finally she comes back and invites him to meet her train?  Not gonna happen."

Evgeny shrugs.  His silence prompts Jamie to really see his friend for the first time.

"What's with the feathers?  You going someplace?"

"I promised Zofia a weekend away from the kids.  We're revisiting the Wild West.  Going as Natives this time."

"That should be...interesting."

Laughs.  "I know.  Cosplay is not your thing."

"No, but it is Shane's.  You know, old buddy, you could do me a real favor."

"Oh, no.  I can hear what you're thinking, my friend.  Zofia would not stand for it.  Not for a minute."

"Just take him with you.  You don't have to hang out together when you get there.  Just make sure he is somewhere else when Samantha Grace's train pulls in."

"If it were just me I'd do it.  But you know Zofia..."

"Please, Ev.  I don't ask for much.  This is for Samantha Grace as much as it's for me.  Just ask him.  Okay?"

Evgeny sighs.  "I'll ask him.  That's all I'll do.  If he says no, that's it.  I'm not gonna twist his arm."

"Oh, he'll go.  You mark my words.  There's nothing Shane likes better than wearing that gold star on his vest."

"I'd better go, then.  Zofia's waiting.  And I still have to hunt Shane down and see if he wants to play sheriff for a couple days.  You owe me, Jamie.  Big time."

"'Nuf said.  Just do it."


  1. Yay a story!! I can't wait to read more and find out about the lives of your SDs! Love the Barahan! He's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks. I just hope I can keep up the momentum. I'm not forgetting that I left my Minifees hanging out there. I really need to revisit that story, too.

      Barahan is a great sculpt. Claude and Barahan are the ones that got me started on Iple's larger dolls.

    2. Great post. I have so much catching up to do!