Sunday, March 9, 2014

Samantha's Arrival

Jamie arrives at the train station to find it empty of people--except for Samantha Grace.  Oh-oh!  Did he get the time wrong?  How long has she been standing there?  And-- heaven help us--what is she wearing?  It's like she stepped out of a different century.

"Um, hi!  Did your train come in early?"

"Jamie, my love, much as I like to see you squirm, 
the answer is no.  I caught an earlier train."

"Where is your luggage?"

Laughs.  "On the train I was supposed to take.
I just spoke with the station master.  He'll 
send it up to the house when it arrives.
Did you drive, or shall we walk?"

"No offense, but that dress won't fit into 
the car.  So I guess we'll walk.  Do 
you have decent shoes on under that?"
 "The best.  I'm wearing boots."

"Oh.  Okay, then.  Mind if I ask why you're wearing...that?"

"Well, aside from loving the outfit--and the effect 
it has on people--I wore it for self-defense."


"I didn't want some dirty old man falling asleep on my shoulder.
This kept everyone at bay, except for a mousy little thing 
who squeezed into the end of the seat across from me.
At first she stared.  When I stared back, she 
buried her nose in a book and didn't look up again."

"I'm surprised you weren't charged extra 
for the seats your dress occupied."

"Me, too.  So, Jamie, you're the welcoming committee?"

"Yeah.  Anything wrong with that?"

"No.  I only thought some of your friends might 
come along.  Like Evgeny and Zofia.  Or Shane."

"Ev and Zofia had a cos-play thing this weekend.
And I didn't think you'd want to see Shane."

"Why not?"
"Well, you did dump him."

"That was two years ago!"

 "People tend to move on after two years."

"Does that mean he has a new girl?"

"No.  I believe he is still carrying a torch for you."

"Well, there you go.  You should have asked 
him to come along."

"I swear, I'll never understand women as long as I live."

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