Sunday, March 23, 2014

Samantha Grace's Story: Girl Talk

I'm so glad you came over, Zofie.  Just like old times.

Wild horses couldn't keep me away.  We have so much to catch up on.  Like 
Europe, and finishing school, and all the dishy men you met along the way.

Finishing School was a laugh, really.  So old fashioned!  How to run 
a household.  How to dress for success.  (What they consider success is 
How to land a rich husband, not How to break through the glass ceiling.) 
 How to be a lady in today's world.  Well, that last part is something I 
probably needed.  It was much more fun shopping in Paris and 
London and Milan.  And yes, there were a lot of dishy men.  
A lot of cads, too.  Sometimes with only a fine line between them.

A lot of dishy cads, then.

You got it.

Anyone special?

No one special enough to make me forget Shane, if that's 
what you mean.  I can't believe he went off on a cos-play 
weekend instead of meeting me at the station.

You can thank your brother for that.

I thought it was Evgeny's doing.

Jamie told you that?  He would.  No, it was Jamie's idea.  He pleaded with Ev 
to take Shane away for the weekend.  It was supposed to be our time together.  
No kids.  Certainly no third wheel at a loss for what to do with himself.

I'm so sorry he ruined your weekend.

Jamie's the one who should be sorry, not you.  So, you wouldn't have 
minded if Shane met you?  I thought the two of you were on the outs.

We broke up before I left, but I wouldn't say any doors were closed.

Is that why the birdcage door is open?

Mmm.  The cage door is open, the bird is free.  
But which one is the bird?  Him?  Or me?

Honey, that's too deep for me.  But if it's Shane 
you're wanting, I'll see he hears about it.

Oh, don't say I'm wanting him.  Say I'm not opposed 
to hearing from him.  That should be enough.

Let's hope he's bright enough to figure that out.

Oh, Shane is bright enough.  If he plays dumb, it's only to get 
what he wants.  Just drop a hint.  If he bites, he's still interested.  
If not, leave him be.

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  1. Where do you find such cute clothes? I love those leggings (on her, not me).