Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ophelia and Her Minions

Poor Ophelia.  She really sees herself as a queen among the little ones, by virtue of her greater size and wisdom.  Well, I don't know how wise she is, but she certainly has greater knowledge, by virtue of her greater age, and knowledge is wisdom, or so they say.  Just try convincing her "minions" of that.

"Gather around, my minions.  Gather around your queen."
"What queen?  Where?"
"What's a minion?"

"No.  No toys until you learn to obey.  Everyone go sit on the bench."
 "Everyone?  There's only room for two."  

 "Three if we squish."  

"I'm not squishing."

[Sighs.]  "It's like trying to herd cats."
 "She heard a cat."  
"Did you hear a cat?"  
"I'm sitting near the toys."
 "Hey Julie, your sister is here."

 "Ja-Neece.  What brings you here?"

"Hi Ophelia.  Julie's lunch is ready.  What's going on?"

"Nothing at all.  My minions don't care to obey me."
 "Your minions, huh?  Lucky for you they don't know what minions are."
 "It's nothing bad."

 "Julie, let's go.  Lunch."

 "I don't want to stay here.  Hey, Julie, wait for me."
 "Don't be silly.  You can't go to lunch with Julie."

 "I want to go home, too."  
 "Yeah, me too.  Let's all go."
 "This minion thing is definitely overrated."

BID and KID outfits by Iplehouse.  JID sweater by Iplehouse; I made the skirt.



  1. This was a fun photostory. Ophelia is an adorable aspiring tyrant. :)
    I love the Lisa sculpt.... I have a gray Lisa human head that I'm making a hybrid/mod project out of and even disembodied she's a contender for my favorite doll.

    1. "Aspiring tyrant" -- I like that! What body are you hybridizing Lisa onto?

    2. I'm putting her on a 1/6 5Stardoll body. I really wanted my Lisa to be littler/shorter than the KID size, and the 5Star 1/6 bodies are a tiny bit bigger than the average (30cm) so it worked as a good compromise to move her closer to Yo-SD size without making her look weird. Of course they discontinued their gray resin right as I was ordering her body, so now I'm looking forward to my first dye project!

  2. Wow, Ophelia's dress is really perfect for her and this story. I love it.

    1. Ophelia's dress--along with the outfits for the little ones--is what inspired the story.