Sunday, March 16, 2014

Introducing Volks YoSD Ryo

Little Ryo arrived this week in exchange for my Kaye Wiggs tan Lillie.  Same trading partner.  It's nice to know my two "illies" are together.  And I now have a little brother for my SDCG Sora.

Ryo was released for the Volks Tokyo Theme Park Hotel event in February 2009, one of seven YoSDs released as counterparts of standard SDs.  The seven YoSDs are part of a Journey to Dream Nights story arc, and they are assumed to be the Seven Dwarfs in the Snow White story.  His full set came as part of the trade.  I haven't put it on him yet, mainly because my trading partner sent him in a pair of cargo pants and a striped tee shirt that just scream: "I'm a cute little boy!"  The full set is missing the original wig and boots, so I'd like to find suitable approximations before I dress him in it.

I learned Ryo's background and particulars from Where Angels Lie, a Volks Super Dollfie Database

Naming him has turned out to be a no-brainer:  Ryo suggests Rio, which suggests River.  So I will call him alternately River or Rio.  Out of curiosity I looked up Japanese boy's names online.  Ryo appears to be a variant of Ryou, which can mean cool, refreshing, distant, or reality.  Seeing as Rio and River are both water, and water is both cool and refreshing, I think I'm onto something.

River came with his default blue 16mm Zoukeimura Dollfie glass eyes.  They're nice, but too large for my taste.  I tried him in several pairs of 14 mm eyes, both glass and acrylic, and finally settled on a pair of oval, flat back glass eyes.  Regular glass eyes need to have a relatively short stem in order to fit in the eye cavity without interfering with the S-hook that holds his string in place.  The advantage of flat backs is, obviously, no stem.  And the oval shape fits his eye opening perfectly.

Until I make or buy him a pair of boots, River is wearing a pair of tennies that I bought online.  (Don't remember where or when.)  They are way too wide for any doll I own, and for that reason I had relegated them to the doesn't-fit-anyone box.  I came across them again while I was looking for a wig for another doll, tried them on River and decided he could wear them.  They came with absurdly large shoelaces.  I replaced those with thin elastic which does the job without looking so disproportionate.  They would fit better with socks; I need to go hunting for those.  Or I could make a pair from some socks that didn't fit any of my dolls.  Recycling is alive and well at Resin Corner.

The wig that I had planned for him to wear does not fit, so for now he is borrowing one from my BIDs.  It fits well enough that I may order one for him alone.  That way he won't stretch a wig that someone else still wears. 

The final touch to his current look is Bo, a Ty Beanie Baby dog that I found at the grocery store this morning.  I swear, I wasn't looking for anything of the sort--it just jumped out at me from where it was hanging amidst produce that had nothing to do with stuffed toys.  (That's an interesting marketing ploy, by the way.  Display something where shoppers don't expect to find it, and see if it doesn't spark an interest in buying.  It worked on me!)

Backdrop from American Girl; garden bench from Jo-Ann Fabrics.


  1. So is Bo really that small, is River that big OR is it camera trickery???

  2. Bo is only 3 and 1/2 inches tall. He's the smallest Beanie Baby I have ever seen. I knew at a glance that he would work for someone; if not Rio, then some of the smaller dolls. Rio is just over 10 inches tall.

    1. This weekend I found the fastener I had removed from Bo afterI bought him. He's a keychain! I had forgotten about that.