Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who's New? SDCG Sora, That's Who

I hope you had as much fun with yesterday's Who's New photo as I did.  I'm tickled to report that even Sora's former owner had trouble picking her out of the crowd.  New eyes and a different wig  will do that to a BJD.

I wish I had taken a photo with Sora waving from her spot in the back row.

So who is Sora?  She is a Super Dollfie Cute Girl, a slim mini made by Volks.  I didn't even know Volks made a slim mini.  A little over a week ago I received a message at Den of Angels asking if I would consider a trade for the Kaye Wiggs Millie I was selling.  As a rule my listings say No Trades, and I normally say no to trades that are offered.  But then I've never been offered a Volks slim mini before.  I looked at her photos and I was hooked.  Millie headed West and Sora came home to Resin Corner.

One of the things that sold me on Sora was the fact that she can share clothes with U-noa girls and Narae.  She can also share with my SoulKids, especially old body Linn, whom she most resembles in terms of body build.

Sisters under the skin?  Linn and Sora.

I am happy to report that Sora has wider feet than my other girls.  This means that all the shoes I have bought over the years that didn't quite fit U-noa or Narae or even SoulKids fit her perfectly.  She can also wear the wigs that don't quite fit the other girls, too.  I'm beginning to think that most doll wig and shoe makers design their wares on Volks dolls.

One of these days I'll take photos showing her in the suwarikko pose, which is made possible by a swivel joint in her hip.  The word suwarikko literally means "sitting child" and is a way of sitting with the knees together and the lower legs turned out to either side.  I'm not sure if I will do that before or after I restring her.  Her legs are somewhat kicky and appear to be strung with very thin elastic.  That size is fine for the arms, but I think her torso and legs would work better with thicker string.  Until then, only the doll stand is keeping her upright.

Sora will make her debut at next Saturday's Chittenden County Doll Club meeting.  We will be celebrating Valentine's Day (a few days early) and Sora has a red kimono that is appropriate for both Valentine's and the Lunar New Year.  I snapped this pic of her head plate while I was trying the kimono on her this morning.  My very first Super Dollfie!

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