Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Meet-Up, February 2014, Chittenden County Doll Club

A record number of doll aficionadas turned out for Saturday's meet-up.  Before now, I think our maximum number was six; this time I counted nine.  We're still small by any reckoning, but we are growing.  That is what's important.  And we had a record number of dolls to learn about and photograph.  There are 24 dolls on the table below.  Look carefully or you'll miss the smaller ones.

Thanks go to ModernWizard, who gallantly took everyone's names and the details of what dolls they brought.

The Volks contingent.

The meeting room was filled with children's art, hung low I presume to get as much of it on the wall as possible.  This meant we couldn't put our table up against the wall as usual.  Hard luck for dolls who needed a wall to lean on, like my Iplehouse nYID Andrew, who does not have a stand and whose tight pants preclude sitting.  He found a fitting alternative, seeing as we were celebrating Valentine's Day.  He simply wrapped himself around nYID Olivia.  If she voiced any objection, I didn't hear it.

Ah, young love!

My SuperDollfie Cute Sora looked suitably cute and color-appropriate in her red kimono.  I was hoping to demonstrate her suwarikko pose, but found it impossible given the narrowness of her kimono's underskirt.  We'll try it another time when she's wearing a dress.

ModernWizard brought Sardonix, a Cerebrus Project Juri 2006 on a modded ShinyDoll Thaasa body, who should need no introduction as she has attended numerous meet-ups already.  I still think Sardonix looks lost without MW's RealPuki SoSo, which she SoldSold.

She also brought Submit, her Elfdoll Kathlen, who found a couple of tiny skateboards and couldn't resist trying them out, rollerskate style.

Goldi brought a Volks Dollfie World Cup 02 head on an SD13 body.  That lucky girl met the Perfect Man at the meet-up and didn't want to let him go.  (I feel the same way about chocolate myself.)

Goldi also brought her Soom Mylo/Adamelli hybrid and Fairyland LittleFee Bonnie.

Purplekiss101 brought her Crobidoll Yeon-Ho type B boy along with two new dolls, an Iplehouse KID Lisa in gray skin with demon head (see last month's meet-up for my KID Lisa with normal skin and human head), and an Impldoll Dorisy.

Lyrajean's dolls included her Iplehouse EID Asa, a U-noa Sist, a Customhouse Petite Ai Sariel and a Volks YoSD Kira, each of which brought a Lalaloopsy doll (so cute!), and two larger Volks dolls: a Sleeping School A head (reading Dating for Dummies, below) and an F10 (the girl seated beside him).

Megan once again brought her own sculpts.  One was a 1:12 scale jointed man suited up for video game action.  Watch for this girl:  If she keeps up with her sculpting, I predict that in a few years she will be producing resin BJDs that people like you and me will buy.  Her other sculpt is a 1:6 scale elf who has visited previously.


Dolly Lover brought a lovely Volks SD Dollfie Dream Miko.  I was surprised at how large Miko is.  When I read about Dollfie Dream, I pictured a much smaller doll.  Her style is distinctly Anime.

There were some Pullips in attendance.  Again, I had only seen these in photos and thought they would be smaller.  Actually, the doll body is small; it's the head that is large.  There is a lever in back of the head that moves the eyes from side to side or open and close.  The Pullip with the red wig belongs to Dolly Lover.  The Taeyang, who is Pullip's boyfriend, belongs to Addie.  This one looks a bit like Edward Scissorhands.  The bald Pullip is Addie's Make-Your-Own, which is a work in progress.  Addie also owns the hybrid on the end--a Little Pullip head on a 27 cm Obitsu body.

Next meeting will be in April.  Doesn't someone have a bunny costume?


  1. See I need to move back to vermont (grew up there) just so i can come poke at your dolls xD Looks like you had a fun time~

    1. Once a Vermonter, always a Vermonter. Come on home and lets play dolls. We have BJDs now!