Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby, Take a Bow! (Iplehouse BID Naias)

The death of Shirley Temple Black last week reminded me that I have a Mini Shirley wig that would be the perfect size for my incoming BID Naias.  In the interim, someone on Den of Angels remarked that BID Ringo would be a perfect pouting Shirley Temple.  Well, I also have a Ringo (aka my little Maddie) so I photographed and posted her wearing the wig.  Personally, I think Naias does Shirley better, but I'll post them both here and let my readers decide.  If you are too young to remember Shirley Temple from her child star days, Google--or your search engine of choice--will take you to her movie stills.  I'm not old enough to have seen her films at the theater, but I remember seeing them over and over on TV when I was growing up.

Maddie (Ringo) as Shirley
Naias as Shirley

I actually ordered Naias way back before Christmas.  I have loved her sculpt since it was first issued in the Elemental Guardian series.  She and Byuri were Iple's first two dolls in BID size.  At the time, I didn't feel I could order both dolls, so I bought only Byuri.  In the back of my mind, however, a little voice echoed, "You should have bought Naias, too."

The Guardians were supposed to be strictly limited.  As in:   "Buy it now before it's gone forever."  With the passage of time that policy has relaxed.  The first year's Guardians came back for Christmas that year.  Then they appeared in the Iplehouse Doll Choice category.  I missed the Christmas special because I had another doll on order.  And Doll Choice dolls cost more than basic dolls.  So I waited.  Good thing, too, because this past Christmas all Doll Choice dolls were available at basic doll prices.  Time for Naias at last!

Little Naias (who needs a name -- I'm torn between Daphne and Josie) has the default faceup.  It was the only faceup offered originally, but that was the look I fell in love with then and wanted now.  I could have ordered another sculpt's makeup for her--at extra cost.  Frankly, I don't see the point of doing that.  If you prefer another sculpt's makeup, why not buy the other doll?

I ordered clothing along with the doll.  Shortly after I received the shipping notice, Iplehouse sent me an e-mail saying that the clothing did not make it into the package.  Oh well, those things happen.  It's not the end of the world.  They offered to ship the clothing at once, in combination with any other clothing that I had already paid for.  So I was able to get the BID stuff along with some extra things I ordered for SID Grace, who should be the next doll to arrive. 

The two packages arrived a day apart, partly because we had a holiday where no mail was delivered and partly because the packages took different flights.  I don't know how Iplehouse decides which flight a shipment will take.  My orders tend to come either on Korean Air 081, which flies direct from Seoul to New York, or on Korean Air 251, which hopscotches from Seoul to Anchorage to Miami, and only then to New York.  Naias took the scenic route; the clothes flew direct.

One thing bothers me about the addition of Grace's extra clothing to this shipment.  Now when I look at my orders on, the entry for SID Grace is marked "Delivered."  I have to open the order to see that it is only the clothing that has shipped, not the doll.  I sure hope Grace doesn't end up in a pile of unclaimed orders somewhere in the warehouse.  With the site's English language manager on maternity leave, now is not the time to initiate a search for a missing doll.  I'm going to give it two weeks before I start to worry.  Starting now.

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