Sunday, January 26, 2014

Steampunk for MiniFee, Part Two

I'm so pleased.  Not only did the pants to this outfit turn out to my liking, but the sun came out today and stayed out long enough for me to get lots of photos, not only for my blog but also for my next batch of eBay listings.

The pattern calls for the pants to be fastened with a couple of snaps and trimmed with buttons.  Never one to like being told what to do, I decided to play with other types of fasteners.  First I tried sewing on the rounded metal eyes from hook-and-eye closures and then threading a brown ribbon through to lace them up.  Not bad, but the lacing didn't look quite as I had envisioned it, so out came the seam ripper and off came the eyes.  I didn't photograph this look, only because I didn't trust the sun to wait for me to take photos and then redo the fastenings.

After giving it some thought, I decided to go with hooks and eyes, replacing the round eyes with straight ones to minimize gapping.  I actually toyed with the idea of putting the hooks and eyes on the outside of the garment, thanks to a photo I came across last night while surfing on Den of Angels.  It showed a doll wearing a steampunk outfit that had a corset done that way.  I thought it looked pretty cool, but realized it looked better on a corset than it would on the front of cloth pants.  Maybe another time.

Cute little butterfly butt.  It's actually a bow.

There was still the matter of what sort of decoration to add to make the outfit a little more steampunk.  Recently I bought a package of small metal gears in different sizes and colors.  I think they're meant for scrapbooking.  I figured I would want them for this outfit in one way or another.  The only question was how to put them together.  I played with them for a little while, arranging them in different ways before deciding to thread two together with a brown ribbon, tie a bow at the top and hang it from the waistband something like a watch fob.

I wanted to make pale blue socks to echo the color of the blouse.  After tearing the house apart looking for the one pattern piece that makes socks that fit MiniFees (and not finding it), I looked through the socks I've already made and settled on the tan and cream stripe Calandra is wearing in the photos.  They work well enough with the cream and brown Luts shoes.  Now, where in the world did that sock pattern go?  If it got into another pattern envelope I won't find it until I'm looking to make something else.  Isn't that always the way?

Calandra's wig is Hope in Honey Ashblonde by Monique Gold.

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