Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Siean

Around Halloween, Iplehouse released a number of fairy tale themed costumes.  In true Iplehouse fashion, most of them were black, with or without touches of red.  There was one brown costume, the EID Witch Hunter set (which I purchased for Lahela) and one blue costume, the SID Sleeping Beauty dress set (which ended up on Zera).  My outfits arrived in time to be photographed as part of a Halloween Gala, along with some other costumes I had accumulated over time.

Fast forward past Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  Next Saturday the Chittenden County Doll Club holds its January meet-up.  One of the girls has asked me to bring FeePle 65 Siean.  Sure, not a problem.  I had been wondering which doll would accompany Iplehouse KID Lisa.  Siean always enjoys a meet-up.  But what could she wear?  My eye fell on Zofia, my SID Zera.  She was still wearing the blue Sleeping Beauty dress set and eying me warily.  I experienced the proverbial "Ah-ha!" moment.  They have traded clothes before, so I knew the set would work.

Not only does it work, but it fits Siean better than it fits either of my SID girls.  It's her body shape.  Siean has a larger bust than either of my SIDs.  She also has a narrower waist.  The top and skirt that strain to fasten over the SID's generous midsection both fit Siean perfectly.  She and I are very well pleased.  I added a tiara I made from metallic trim and glue-on beads.  Here is a sneak peek in advance of next week's meet-up.

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