Sunday, December 1, 2013

MiniFee of the Week: Mirwen

Wait a minute...another MiniFee?  You can't just go popping new MiniFees into your blog.  Where did this one come from?

Same place Chloe came from:  the Den of Angels Marketplace.  And no, I was not shopping for a MiniFee.  I was minding my own business, checking out the new listings more from curiosity than anything else.

As if!

Okay, you don't believe me.  Truth of the matter is I wanted a Mirwen, I saw one and made her mine.  End of story.

It's never "end of story" when you buy a new doll.  More like beginning of story.

You have a point there.  Especially where this Mirwen is concerned.  I thought I wanted a Mirwen with the Fairyland default faceup.  This Mirwen had spades.  In fact, she looked as if on the day she was painted, her faceup artist was frightened by a raccoon on the way to work.  Black eyebrows, heavy black lower lashes, black eyeshadow.  She bore a strong resemblance to Tonner's Agnes Dreary.  I could picture her dressed completely in black, looking all Goth and woeful.  Not my style at all.

I realized she would need a new faceup.  I browsed through my favorite faceup artists' online sites, ultimately dismayed that they were all closed to new commissions until well into the new year.  Well, with the holidays approaching, I'm not surprised.  Even Fairyland is scrambling to catch up with orders.  Realization number two:  I was looking at a do-it-yourself project.

I'll be the first to admit that I am still struggling with faceups.  What ends up on the doll's face rarely matches the vision in my mind.


Okay, never.  Nevertheless, I keep at it.  Sooner or later my skills will catch up to my vision and I will turn out a faceup I won't be ashamed to own. The long Thanksgiving weekend gave me the opportunity to work on Mirwen's new look.  I had grand plans to document every step of the transformation with photos.  As usually happens, I got totally wrapped up in what I was doing and didn't pick up the camera again until I was finished. 

Almost there.  It's those pesky lower lashes.

As faceup attempts go, I was rather pleased with this one.  Not completely over the moon, but pleased.  Lower lashes are my nemesis, and I realized hers needed tweaking.  A day after taking the first set of photos, I removed her eyelashes and eyes and got back to it. 

What helped me with Mirwen was working on Karsh first.  He came with a lovely, subdued faceup that just needed a couple of tweaks to make it pop.  I darkened his eyebrows slightly, just enough to differentiate them from the shadows.  He also lacked eyeliner.  I realize some artists like to leave boys looking more natural.  I like "natural" too, but I don't want the eyes to recede into the skull.  I gave him just a bit of liner on the inside of the eyelid, where the upper lashes are attached.  It was just enough.  He still looks natural, but not like he'd blow away in the wind.

Karsh au naturel
Still natural, but with defined eyebrows and a wee bit of eyeliner.
Karsh has beautifully-done lower lashes.  I grabbed a magnifying glass and studied them.  How were they done?  Why can't I do mine like that?  Why don't I try?

I didn't want to remove Mirwen's faceup completely, so I gently scraped away yesterday's lower lashes with an X-acto knife and re-sprayed with MSC.  Then I studied Karsh's lower lashes some more and set about to re-create them on Mirwen.  Are they a perfect re-creation?  Not by a long shot.  Are they better than they were the day before?  Absolutely.  In fact, I am extremely pleased with my little miss.  Now if only I could think of a name for her.

Mirwen's "before" look wig and Karsh's wig are from Monique Gold.  (Mirwen's is a combed out London, Karsh's is Buttercup.)  Mirwen's "after" look wig is Kana Saesha from Jpopdolls.  Sadly, Mirwen's solo shots after her makeup tweak all came out blurry.  Still, I think few people will object to a bit of bonus Karsh.


  1. Your Mirwen looks lovely! I like your version of her faceup, very natural looking and subtle.
    Oh my gosh, you have Karsh? He's one of my dollfie grails, and you have both of them (second is Boris). Now I know where to look for photos ;D

    1. I'm glad you like Mirwen's faceup. (By the way, I'm toying with Desdemona for a name. I like the sound of it.)

      There won't be many more photos of Boris, I'm afraid. I listed him on e-bay. Sadly, we are not bonding. I think I want another MiniFee boy.

    2. That name fits her. I'm going to stalk your blog more often (and hopefully comment more often as well) to see more of your dollfie family.

      Shame, though I noticed that his sculpt works for specific characters. It's all in combination of it and faceup.
      Would it be possible to post some photos of him next to MNF boy? I'm curious how they look together (since they resemble my characters so much).

      On another note I adore FairyLand aesthetics, all of their dolls look so lovely. I'm hoping to be able to afford one someday.

  2. Boris is already packed for eventual shipping, with all his extremities individually wrapped in bubble wrap. I can't bear to unwrap and rewrap him. You can get an idea of relative size if you look at my post of August 17th, titled "Bicycle Boys". Boris is shown with my U-noa boys and with Bimong's Narin. Minifee boys are a bit shorter than U-noas but they can wear the same clothes. That should give you a general idea of size. Iplehouse boys are taller and beefier. Some people like to pair MNF girls with IH boys, where the boys' bigger size is not an issue.

    Check ebay for MNFs. I bought Karsh as a face-upped head on ebay and ordered the body from FairyLand. That can be less expensive than buying the whole doll (with face-up) from FL. Or, if you belong to Den of Angels, check the Marketplace there for second-hand dolls. Buying pre-loved dolls is also a lot quicker than ordering from the company. FL can take 3-4 months to deliver. Ebay or DoA delivers in mere days.

    1. Sure! Unpacking Boris would be a nightmare. I checked the photos, adorable! Now I can imagine clearly the difference in both build and skin color. That's going to be a match made in Heaven XD

      Thank you very much for the sound advice. I'll be checking DoA from time to time if I ever manage to save enough.