Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet Ophelia: KID Lisa (Human Version) Arrives

I was going to title this, "KID Lisa: The Addiction," but seeing as I bought her with the human head rather than the fantasy demon head, it's just KID Lisa.  No way was I going to buy that fantasy head.  The vampire fangs and demon horns made her look like the sort of child you don't dare turn your back on, because you don't know what sort of creature she will turn you into when you are not looking.  The fantasy version's black wings were pretty intense, too.  They're made of real feathers.  I could just picture my two cockatiels and lovebird reacting in sheer terror at the sight of what would appear to them to be crow's wings.  No thank you.  They freak out enough just seeing crows through the window.

Lisa is my first Iplehouse KID.  I fell in love with the dolls when they were first released last year but didn't buy one at the time.  I always hesitate over new sizes, wondering if I have anything that will fit them and if not, how hard it will be to find patterns.  KIDs measure 35 cm, placing them firmly between the JIDs at 45 cm and the BIDs at 26 cm.  Lisa is the same height as my U-noa Chibi Lilin, but their body types are completely different.  (Lisa is a child, while Lilin is a small adult.)
 Shoes are no problem, because the KIDs wear the same size shoe as the BIDs.  I ordered new shoes with Lisa anyway, because her Limited outfit is black and I didn't have a pair of black shoes.  (Question for Iplehouse:  Why do the Limited outfits never include shoes?)  Plastic Crocs might work with the little purple dress, but not with the formal gown.

Wigs, on the other hand, are a problem.  KIDs are supposed to wear the same wigs as the BIDs, which means size 6/7.  The trouble is that the KIDs have slightly larger heads.  So a 6/7 doesn't really fit unless it is built on a stretchy wig cap.  It's the same problem I have with FairyLand's MiniFees.  They also fall between a 6/7 and a 7/8.  A 6/7 is very tight and the bangs are sometimes too short for my liking, while a 7/8 requires a wig cap underneath to keep it from sliding off and the bangs are usually too long.

In Lisa's case, I found only one 6/7 wig that would go on without immediately springing off and taking her resin headcap with it.  It's the same purple-streaked black wig that both Boris and Karsh like to wear.  The color was perfect for Lisa because I also ordered her the Violeta set, which consists of a loose fitting purple knit dress with flowered leggings.  The dress is an odd shade of purple: in some lights (and photos) you would swear it was brown.

I had hoped to put Lisa in a white mohair wig when she is wearing the black gown.  Of course, being mohair it has no stretch whatsoever.  Similarly, I had high hopes for a white wig in a synthetic mohair, size 6/7 with a stretchy cap, but that didn't fit either.  Because I was fast running out of daylight, I settled on the first wig that fit--a long, straight wig from Jpopdolls in a color called Shimmer--and took her photos.  Later I found the white synthetic mohair in a size 7/8.  I don't remember what prompted me to buy the same wig in two different sizes, but am I ever glad I did!  It fits beautifully without a wig cap.  Too late to take photos, of course.  That's the peril of living in a northern climate at the approach of winter.  I have glass eyes on order for Lisa.  When they arrive I will take new photos with the white wig.

With Lisa I am debuting a new prop:  a Gothic framed triple mirror.  I have been trying to justify the purchase of this mirror since I first saw it in a Gump's catalog two Christmases ago.  Finally, with the purchase of Lisa, I have a doll whose size and costume work with the prop.  Taking photos of a doll standing before a mirror presents its own set of challenges.  While I love seeing the doll reflected in the mirror, I'm not so wild about seeing the photographer.  I had to zoom in close to avoid taking my own photo.  The mirror bounced the light from the windows around the room and threw off my camera's light meter, giving me a white blur where the doll's face should be.  Hmm, this prop is going to necessitate some practice in different lighting conditions.  I wonder what additional challenge the white wig will contribute?  Stay tuned to find out.


  1. She's adorable! So cute in that purple outfit. I just love the gothic stylization, and the prop fits it perfectly. Such fun to find nice props in the right size.

  2. I think Lisa is gorgeous, but Iple House dolls are contagious. I have two KID's Irene and Lonnie and a BID Chloe which I really love their sculpts are so pretty and realistic. I am about to order Efreet & Elin but like you, with the normal heads not the Addiction. Their clothes are very well made too, I have the same aubergine set as you and a few others to boot, even though I sew myself. :)

    I have found 6/7 JPop wigs a really great fit for LittleFees, Honey Delfs, Radicelle, IH BID's & KID's. I always use a silicone cap underneath which I purchase from Coolcat ( they are long and keep the head well protected from staining and the Mary Janes from Mimi Woo fit well ( ... hope that helps.