Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Chance Encounter, Part 2

Heath and Danica engage in small talk.  He's really liking this girl who came out of nowhere to sit on his park bench.  Well, it's not his bench, not really, but he's sitting in it, so yeah...  You're losing it, Heath my boy.  Five minutes and this girl has already muddled your mind.

"Can you pull up the time?  I forgot my watch today."

"Sure, no sweat.  Almost two."

"Oh!  I'd better be going."

"Already?"  (But we're just getting started...)

 "It can't be helped.  I have to be somewhere at two."

"Oh."  (Come on, Heath, you can do better than that.  
Don't get tongue-tied now.  Ask her when you'll see her again.)

 "I'll be passing through the park again.  Maybe we'll run into each other next time."

"Maybe.  I mean, sure!  I'd like that."

 "Me, too."

(She's waiting for an answer and I can't think of a thing to say.)

"It's nice meeting you, Heath."

"Uh, yeah.  You too."  (How lame can you get? 
Say something intelligent, Heath, before she gets away.)

Too late.  He would run after her, but his knees have turned to jelly.  It's all he can do to sit and watch her go.  Hang on a sec!  Didn't she have a magazine or something when she sat down?  She left empty-handed.

(That's it on the ground.  What luck!  If it's a subscription it will have a label on the front.)
 (No label.  You don't make things easy for me, do you, Danica?)

Heath flips through the pages.  She has marked her place with a folded-up piece of paper.  He opens it.

 "Who's Cal?"

To be continued...

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  1. Is he going to think that Cal is her boyfriend when really Cal is actually a girl? Just a guess, lol.