Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Chance Encounter, Part 2

Heath and Danica engage in small talk.  He's really liking this girl who came out of nowhere to sit on his park bench.  Well, it's not his bench, not really, but he's sitting in it, so yeah...  You're losing it, Heath my boy.  Five minutes and this girl has already muddled your mind.

"Can you pull up the time?  I forgot my watch today."

"Sure, no sweat.  Almost two."

"Oh!  I'd better be going."

"Already?"  (But we're just getting started...)

 "It can't be helped.  I have to be somewhere at two."

"Oh."  (Come on, Heath, you can do better than that.  
Don't get tongue-tied now.  Ask her when you'll see her again.)

 "I'll be passing through the park again.  Maybe we'll run into each other next time."

"Maybe.  I mean, sure!  I'd like that."

 "Me, too."

(She's waiting for an answer and I can't think of a thing to say.)

"It's nice meeting you, Heath."

"Uh, yeah.  You too."  (How lame can you get? 
Say something intelligent, Heath, before she gets away.)

Too late.  He would run after her, but his knees have turned to jelly.  It's all he can do to sit and watch her go.  Hang on a sec!  Didn't she have a magazine or something when she sat down?  She left empty-handed.

(That's it on the ground.  What luck!  If it's a subscription it will have a label on the front.)
 (No label.  You don't make things easy for me, do you, Danica?)

Heath flips through the pages.  She has marked her place with a folded-up piece of paper.  He opens it.

 "Who's Cal?"

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have Yourself a Puki Little Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all,
RealPuki SoSo, KaKa and PuPu; 
PukiFee Bonnie and Zefi; 
and Alice the alpaca.

And me, too!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Chance Encounter

Resin Corner has turned to ice, quite literally.  I haven't taken photos yet, because my driveway is a sheet of glare ice and I'm leery of putting a foot wrong.  So I thought it would be nice to turn back the clock to warmer weather and Heath, sitting on a park bench with his computer...

It's a beautiful day.  Warm.  Sunny.  Other than the birds chirping in the trees, there is nothing to distract him.  Or is there?
Nothing like a pretty girl to take a guy's attention off his work.  What are the chances she might sit down?  He should make room, just in case.
Gosh, that was easy.  Did she read his mind or something?
"I'm not interrupting you, am I?  If you need quiet, I have a magazine I can read.  It's just that there are no other benches around."
"I could use an interruption.  The computer makes my eyes tired."  
(I'd much rather look at her, anyway.)
"My name is Danica.  What's yours?
"I'm Heath."  
(I'd ask her if she comes here often, but it sounds like a line.  I'd sure like to know the answer, though.)
"I haven't seen you in the park before.  Do you come here often?"
"Not as often as I'd like to." 
(Not as often as I should, obviously.)

"Me neither."

To be continued...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Eyes Have It!

I was going to title this "Let's Accessor-Eyes" (accessorize, get it?) but then figured it wouldn't make sense to some of my readers.  Heaven only knows what Google Translator would make of it.  And while I do focus on eyes and eyelashes, this is the only mention you will get of the accessories I bought--namely, sunglasses.  They don't fit anyone, so into the misfit box they go until a doll comes along with the right shape head and face.  Some people get right back on eBay and sell the things that don't work.  Not me.  I can't tell you how many times the misfit box has turned up the right shoes or wig or other item for a hard-to-fit doll.  As far as I am concerned, that box is golden!

Iplehouse KID Lisa's arrival prompted me to order some eyes for her on eBay.  I found a red pair and a sparkly gold.  I also found some beautiful light blue eyes that might work for Lisa or not, but I just had to have them.  From the same eBay vendor I bought black eyelashes, because some of my girls' lashes were looking a bit bedraggled lately.  When the package finally came, I couldn't wait to try the new stuff on my girls.

Ophelia (KID Lisa) decided she wanted the red eyes.  Even though the red looks more bluish than it did on eBay, they still hint at something dark and untamed in her nature.  It's a complete contrast to her angelic white hair:  J-Rock in a color called Pure.  (I'm not sure if this one if from Monique Gold or Jpopdolls; I think both have done J-Rock wigs, only in different colors.)

I tried the sparkly gold eyes on Desdemona (MiniFee Mirwen), then took them out again and gave them to Danica (MiniFee Siean's new name, because I don't remember giving her a name before).  I'm not sure they are really her, either, but for now they will do.  She is wearing a Jpopdolls Kana Wavy wig in a color called Syma.

Desdemona received the green eyes Zoey (MiniFee Chloe) had been wearing most recently.  Along with a change of wig (Monique Gold's Pretty Girl in brown black blonde) and new eyelashes, she is a new--and prettier--girl.

Zoey's changes are less obvious.  She started out with Monique Gold's Faith in peach blonde light blonde and changed to Monique Gold's Pretty Girl in the same color.  I switched her eyes from size 14 blue eyes to the new size 12 blue eyes (after a brief stint in the green pair).  I loved her look before; now I love it even more.  She is my glamour girl.

Something about poor Mallory (MiniFee Shushu) has been bothering me from the start, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Finally it hit me: she had blonde eyelashes.  To my mind they didn't work with her eye makeup, because anyone who wears such well-defined shadow and liner will layer on the mascara until her eyelashes are dark and thick.  So I cut her two lengths of the new black lashes.  All of a sudden, she is vying with Zoey for glamour girl status.  I gave her the pale lilac eyes Desdemona had been wearing.  Mallory has tried on (and discarded) numerous wigs.  Today she is wearing another Jpopdolls Kana Wavy, this one in a color called Autumn Moon.

Calandra (MiniFee Juri '08) is the only MiniFee who did not get new eyes.  I am currently debating whether or not to change her size 14 eyes to something in a 12.  I have only one or two pairs of 12 mm glass eyes left.  I suppose I could always buy some more...  Calandra is wearing another J-Rock wig, this one in a color called Blush.  I think I need to find her another outfit.  This one makes her look beige all over.

All of my MiniFee girls are now wearing size 6/7 wigs, rather than the size 7/8s they wore earlier.  It does require a tug or two to get them on, but I like that the girls are no longer overwhelmed by their hair.

On another note, I was surprised when I took out Ophelia's acrylic eyes to find that both of them were cracked.  One was cracked in a single place, while the other had six separate cracks in it.  I have never seen anything like that in acrylic eyes before, although I know several people on Den of Angels have mentioned it in connection with their Iplehouse dolls.  Granted, I have not changed the eyes in all of my Iplehouse dolls, so there is a possibility of other cracked eyeballs.  The cracks are on the part of the eyeball that is inside the eye socket--they are invisible from the outside. 

As of now I am tempted to blame the weather.  Lisa/Ophelia arrived on a very cold day and spent all of that time inside the mail delivery truck because I was not home to sign for her.  I have seen the delivery truck drive through my development.  The driver keeps the window open to make it easier to deposit mail in the roadside mailboxes.  Packages for my street ride on the front dashboard in anticipation of delivery.  I doubt it's a warm place to be.  Still, it does make me want to examine my other winter deliveries to see if their eyes have cracks, too.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet Ophelia: KID Lisa (Human Version) Arrives

I was going to title this, "KID Lisa: The Addiction," but seeing as I bought her with the human head rather than the fantasy demon head, it's just KID Lisa.  No way was I going to buy that fantasy head.  The vampire fangs and demon horns made her look like the sort of child you don't dare turn your back on, because you don't know what sort of creature she will turn you into when you are not looking.  The fantasy version's black wings were pretty intense, too.  They're made of real feathers.  I could just picture my two cockatiels and lovebird reacting in sheer terror at the sight of what would appear to them to be crow's wings.  No thank you.  They freak out enough just seeing crows through the window.

Lisa is my first Iplehouse KID.  I fell in love with the dolls when they were first released last year but didn't buy one at the time.  I always hesitate over new sizes, wondering if I have anything that will fit them and if not, how hard it will be to find patterns.  KIDs measure 35 cm, placing them firmly between the JIDs at 45 cm and the BIDs at 26 cm.  Lisa is the same height as my U-noa Chibi Lilin, but their body types are completely different.  (Lisa is a child, while Lilin is a small adult.)
 Shoes are no problem, because the KIDs wear the same size shoe as the BIDs.  I ordered new shoes with Lisa anyway, because her Limited outfit is black and I didn't have a pair of black shoes.  (Question for Iplehouse:  Why do the Limited outfits never include shoes?)  Plastic Crocs might work with the little purple dress, but not with the formal gown.

Wigs, on the other hand, are a problem.  KIDs are supposed to wear the same wigs as the BIDs, which means size 6/7.  The trouble is that the KIDs have slightly larger heads.  So a 6/7 doesn't really fit unless it is built on a stretchy wig cap.  It's the same problem I have with FairyLand's MiniFees.  They also fall between a 6/7 and a 7/8.  A 6/7 is very tight and the bangs are sometimes too short for my liking, while a 7/8 requires a wig cap underneath to keep it from sliding off and the bangs are usually too long.

In Lisa's case, I found only one 6/7 wig that would go on without immediately springing off and taking her resin headcap with it.  It's the same purple-streaked black wig that both Boris and Karsh like to wear.  The color was perfect for Lisa because I also ordered her the Violeta set, which consists of a loose fitting purple knit dress with flowered leggings.  The dress is an odd shade of purple: in some lights (and photos) you would swear it was brown.

I had hoped to put Lisa in a white mohair wig when she is wearing the black gown.  Of course, being mohair it has no stretch whatsoever.  Similarly, I had high hopes for a white wig in a synthetic mohair, size 6/7 with a stretchy cap, but that didn't fit either.  Because I was fast running out of daylight, I settled on the first wig that fit--a long, straight wig from Jpopdolls in a color called Shimmer--and took her photos.  Later I found the white synthetic mohair in a size 7/8.  I don't remember what prompted me to buy the same wig in two different sizes, but am I ever glad I did!  It fits beautifully without a wig cap.  Too late to take photos, of course.  That's the peril of living in a northern climate at the approach of winter.  I have glass eyes on order for Lisa.  When they arrive I will take new photos with the white wig.

With Lisa I am debuting a new prop:  a Gothic framed triple mirror.  I have been trying to justify the purchase of this mirror since I first saw it in a Gump's catalog two Christmases ago.  Finally, with the purchase of Lisa, I have a doll whose size and costume work with the prop.  Taking photos of a doll standing before a mirror presents its own set of challenges.  While I love seeing the doll reflected in the mirror, I'm not so wild about seeing the photographer.  I had to zoom in close to avoid taking my own photo.  The mirror bounced the light from the windows around the room and threw off my camera's light meter, giving me a white blur where the doll's face should be.  Hmm, this prop is going to necessitate some practice in different lighting conditions.  I wonder what additional challenge the white wig will contribute?  Stay tuned to find out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

MiniFee of the Week: Mirwen

Wait a minute...another MiniFee?  You can't just go popping new MiniFees into your blog.  Where did this one come from?

Same place Chloe came from:  the Den of Angels Marketplace.  And no, I was not shopping for a MiniFee.  I was minding my own business, checking out the new listings more from curiosity than anything else.

As if!

Okay, you don't believe me.  Truth of the matter is I wanted a Mirwen, I saw one and made her mine.  End of story.

It's never "end of story" when you buy a new doll.  More like beginning of story.

You have a point there.  Especially where this Mirwen is concerned.  I thought I wanted a Mirwen with the Fairyland default faceup.  This Mirwen had spades.  In fact, she looked as if on the day she was painted, her faceup artist was frightened by a raccoon on the way to work.  Black eyebrows, heavy black lower lashes, black eyeshadow.  She bore a strong resemblance to Tonner's Agnes Dreary.  I could picture her dressed completely in black, looking all Goth and woeful.  Not my style at all.

I realized she would need a new faceup.  I browsed through my favorite faceup artists' online sites, ultimately dismayed that they were all closed to new commissions until well into the new year.  Well, with the holidays approaching, I'm not surprised.  Even Fairyland is scrambling to catch up with orders.  Realization number two:  I was looking at a do-it-yourself project.

I'll be the first to admit that I am still struggling with faceups.  What ends up on the doll's face rarely matches the vision in my mind.


Okay, never.  Nevertheless, I keep at it.  Sooner or later my skills will catch up to my vision and I will turn out a faceup I won't be ashamed to own. The long Thanksgiving weekend gave me the opportunity to work on Mirwen's new look.  I had grand plans to document every step of the transformation with photos.  As usually happens, I got totally wrapped up in what I was doing and didn't pick up the camera again until I was finished. 

Almost there.  It's those pesky lower lashes.

As faceup attempts go, I was rather pleased with this one.  Not completely over the moon, but pleased.  Lower lashes are my nemesis, and I realized hers needed tweaking.  A day after taking the first set of photos, I removed her eyelashes and eyes and got back to it. 

What helped me with Mirwen was working on Karsh first.  He came with a lovely, subdued faceup that just needed a couple of tweaks to make it pop.  I darkened his eyebrows slightly, just enough to differentiate them from the shadows.  He also lacked eyeliner.  I realize some artists like to leave boys looking more natural.  I like "natural" too, but I don't want the eyes to recede into the skull.  I gave him just a bit of liner on the inside of the eyelid, where the upper lashes are attached.  It was just enough.  He still looks natural, but not like he'd blow away in the wind.

Karsh au naturel
Still natural, but with defined eyebrows and a wee bit of eyeliner.
Karsh has beautifully-done lower lashes.  I grabbed a magnifying glass and studied them.  How were they done?  Why can't I do mine like that?  Why don't I try?

I didn't want to remove Mirwen's faceup completely, so I gently scraped away yesterday's lower lashes with an X-acto knife and re-sprayed with MSC.  Then I studied Karsh's lower lashes some more and set about to re-create them on Mirwen.  Are they a perfect re-creation?  Not by a long shot.  Are they better than they were the day before?  Absolutely.  In fact, I am extremely pleased with my little miss.  Now if only I could think of a name for her.

Mirwen's "before" look wig and Karsh's wig are from Monique Gold.  (Mirwen's is a combed out London, Karsh's is Buttercup.)  Mirwen's "after" look wig is Kana Saesha from Jpopdolls.  Sadly, Mirwen's solo shots after her makeup tweak all came out blurry.  Still, I think few people will object to a bit of bonus Karsh.