Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing Minifee Karsh

Seeing as it is possible to put any Minifee head on either a boy or a girl body, I should perhaps specify that this is my first Minifee boy.  He is not as recent an acquisition as it would appear.  I bought his head on e-bay last August, then ordered a body during Fairyland's summer event.  By adding a few little things to my order (3 pairs of shoes and a pair of ice skates for my RealPukis) I was able to qualify for an event gift, in this case a LittleFee faceplate.  (Don't ask me what I intend to do with it, as I haven't a clue!)  The Minifee body and booty arrived recently.  I have been trying to find stuff to fit him ever since.

What attracted me to the head was its soft, subtle face-up.  If you have seen Karsh on Fairyland's site, you know his makeup looks bold and dark, as befits his character of Elf Assassin.  While the face-up suits that particular character, it is also the default face-up.  That is the only face-up Fairyland offers.  I like that the softer, artist face-up gives him a more thoughtful expression.

I wasn't kidding when I said I have been trying to find things to fit him.  JID Boris has trouble finding clothes, too, but for him everything is too tight.  Karsh has the opposite problem:  everything is too big.  I had thought that when I ordered the muscular body I would find plenty of things he could wear.  That is not the case.  The clothes I made for Limho Mono are all too big in the shoulders, despite Karsh's muscles.  He is shorter than the U-noa boys, so their jeans puddle on the floor around his feet.  I finally found a pair of jeans that fit.  I wish I could remember from what pattern I made them.  They could be a little shorter, but I don't want to hem them up because they also fit the U-noas.

Shoes are a particular problem.  His feet are small.  I found a pair of boots made for Goodreau resin girls that fit, but something about them prevents him from standing up in them.  He ended up with a pair of sneakers that are huge even when worn with socks.  On the other hand, he can balance better on these so he will keep them until I find something else.  I didn't try the Tonner Matt O'Neill shoes on him.  The fabric shoes look like they might stain.  As for the others, I just can't bear to put him in molded plastic loafers.  Ick!

For a while I had him in a white Tonner tee shirt.  It wasn't a bad fit, but he looked so washed out that I knew he needed something colorful.  Enter Siean with her striped top and leggings.  Her top fit him perfectly, despite the muscles.  To be honest, it was a little large in back for Siean, which is why I always photograph her from the front when she is wearing that outfit.  Until I make him one in another color, it belongs to Karsh.

I am also having trouble deciding on a look for him where wigs are concerned.  While I waited for his body, I had him in a short, caramel-colored Dollzone wig.  I thought it suited him quite well.  Once I combined head and body, the wig just didn't do anything for him.  He has a wide noggin compared to some of my girls, so I found myself searching through my 7/8 wigs.  One of the long Iplehouse wigs isn't too bad on him, along with a shorter black-and-gold streaked wig whose maker I don't know.  Finally I gave Karsh the black-and-purple wig Boris has been wearing, leaving Boris with the black-and-gold streaked wig.  For now it works, but I will probably be wig shopping for both of them before too long.

Sometimes my dolls remain nameless for a long time, simply because I cannot think of a name.  I used to keep a list of names that I had given my dolls (something I ought to update on a regular basis, given how short my memory can be) and I picked it up today to see what was available.  Sometime ago I sold the LimhoMono that I had named Heath.  I looked at Karsh and decided he looked like a Heath--so Heath it is.

Believe it or not, I actually had a photo story planned for today, but now that I have spent so much time talking about Karsh, the story will have to wait for another post.  With any luck, the sun might shine next weekend so I can retake some of the photos.  Stranger things have happened!

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