Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Was a Bad Bad Girl--Again!

Why is it that in most aspects of my life my sales resistance is absolutely rock solid--except when it comes to dolls?  I don't know how many times I have given in to temptation and purchased a doll I neither needed nor truthfully wanted.  My OnlyDoll YiFeng, for example, still languishes on the Den of Angels Marketplace.  Why did I buy him in the first place?  No good reason.  I had a doll on order from Iplehouse, the wait was getting to me, so I sought relief in a quick dolly fix.  I rued it almost immediately.  And every day that I have to bump up the listing I rue it yet again.

Minifee Celine is another doll whose purchase was unplanned.  New sculpt.   Little teeth.  Ooh, how cute!  Two months' wait.  The doll finally arrives.  After a while I'm not liking the color of her face-up.  Yellow and purple eyeshadow.  Who's bright idea was that?  It looks like the aftermath of a black eye.  I'm not in love with the teeth after all.  I should have bought Chloe, who has been on my want list ever since Fairyland debuted her.

It occurred to me that I could buy a Chloe head on the Marketplace, put it on Celine's body and then sell Celine's head.  Quick and easy.  I found a drop-dead gorgeous Chloe head for sale, sent a message to the seller and waited.  No response.  Was the seller in negotiations with another buyer?  I figured I had better keep looking, just in case.

Enter a Chloe with body.  Not a problem.  I would simply sell Celine as a full doll.  I already had her full set listed on the Marketplace.  All I had to do was re-combine it with the doll and sell everything together.  To make a long story short, Chloe came to Resin Corner on a Tuesday and Celine departed from it that Friday.

Do I regret the transaction?  Not a bit of it!  Chloe's previous owner gave her a beautiful face-up.  I like it better than the default makeup I would have received had I ordered from Fairyland.  That said, I immediately changed her eyes for a pair of high domes in blue.  Not that I don't love green, because I do, but the low dome looks strange from some angles.  I have an identical pair of the green eyes, which Shushu wore for a while until I decided I didn't like how they looked.  Chloe also came with a plain brown wig, size 6/7.  Again, I prefer a 7/8 for these dolls.  A 6/7 will fit, but you have to tug and tug on it to get it on.  A 7/8 is slightly loose, but with a wig cap underneath results in a glorious full head of hair.

It's funny how some dolls look good in their default wig, but don't look like much in anything else.  Chloe looked good in every wig we tried on.  I decided to let her wear a Monique Gold Faith in peach blonde/bleach blonde for her photos.  I dressed her in the little blue crochet and lace dress that I bought on the Marketplace.  Stunning! 

While scouting around the house for an interesting corner in which to take photos, I noticed a beam of low, afternoon sunlight striking the sofa where three of my Minifee girls were sitting.  I moved Shushu and Juri12 to another chair temporarily and started shooting.  My new girl did not disappoint.  She loves the camera and the camera loves her.  The only photo I couldn't use was one where the photographer's hand shook.

I have been toying with names for her.  At first I thought I would keep Celine's name of Sidonie.  But would I want a constant reminder that I had traded Celine for another model?  Maybe not.  I would name her Chloe, except that I want to buy a LittleFee Chloe at some point to be her little sister.  For now I'm thinking of Chloe for the little sister, so maybe Zoey for big sis.  Tune in next week to see if I have changed my mind. ;)

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