Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Dress Ball

With the arrival of two new costumes last week, it occurred to me that I now had enough to dress all my large Iplehouse dolls as if they were going to a fancy dress ball.  Masks would have been a delicious accent, if not for the fact that I was laid low by a reaction to a flu shot this week and simply couldn't motivate myself to make any.

First to arrive were SID Zera and SID Barahan.  She is wearing Iple's new Sleeping Beauty costume.  I had hoped that this outfit might fit nYID Olivia. After all, Iplehouse showed Olivia wearing it on their website.  It appears they put her head on an SID body for the photos, because the top was much too big on my girl.  I tried the outfit on SID Soo, but the top felt too tight for her large bust.  (Not to mention that her nipple blushing was all too apparent through the blouse's thin fabric.)  That left medium bust Zera, who was delighted to wear the blue and white fairytale dress with its voluminous cloak.

Barahan is wearing Freedom Teller's Mr. Captain.  I almost wish I had waited for the re-release of this outfit, because the two stripes on the uniform signify a flight attendant, not a captain.  Someone must have mentioned it to Freedom Teller.  The new version has the requisite four stripes.

SID Soo came to the ball on the arm of SID Claude.  She is wearing a black and red gown called The Countess that I picked up on ebay.  I don't remember the maker's name, only that she lives in Canada.  I sure wish I had this pattern.  It is very versatile, showing up in different variations with and without sleeves, and laced up the back or not.

Her escort is wearing bits and pieces of two outfits.  The blazer and shirt are part of an outfit called Le Roi Danse (The King Dances).  The outfit includes knee britches and white socks, which none of my SID guys have ever been able to wear because Iplehouse shoes (including the ones shown in the website's photos) are too small to fit over socks.  One of these days I will venture forth and try to find shoes from another source.  There must be someone who makes shoes that fit SIDs with socks.  So, instead of knee britches, Claude wears a pair of modern day black slacks.  They look brown in this photo.

EID Lahela arrived wearing my other new Iplehouse costume, called Witch Hunter.  I didn't buy the leather leggings that go with the set (they were offered separately) because I envisioned a struggle getting them on her.  Of course, that means she has to beware of any sudden wind gusts, because her skirt is slit from waist to hem.  All the better to reach her knife, except that there was no knife included in the outfit and I didn't see one offered on their weapons page.  KID Lisa comes with a knife--Lahela will just have to borrow it when Lisa arrives.  I am wondering if Iplehouse changed the color of the corset for this outfit.  It looks green on their website, but the corset I received is brown.

Lahela is accompanied by SID Shane.  Normally she would stand taller than Shane, but I put her flat feet on to keep her at his level.  He is also wearing parts of two costumes.  The cloak is called Count Cape.  It is paired with a ruffled shirt and black slacks that are shown together online with the cape but are available separately as Ripply Shirt and Crush Pants.  I have paired these separates with a red brocade vest that is part of the Le Roi Danse set.

Last to arrive at the party are the younger set:  nYID Olivia, who is currently unattached but has already caught the eye of both SID Shane and nYID Andrew; nYID Audrey, currently paired with Andrew although she started out with Shane; and nYID Andrew, who had better not put a foot wrong because Shane has a long memory and did not take kindly to having his girl stolen away.

Olivia is wearing a variation on Soo's red and black dress, with narrow sleeves, no lacing up the back, and a fun fur collar and cuffs.  Looking at it now, I should have made a tiara to dress it up.  I think I have some silver metallic trim in my stash.  If not, I'll swing by Jo-Ann's one afternoon after work and buy some.

Audrey is wearing the Perla outfit originally offered with Elemental Guardian Bianca.  For a while it was available as a separate outfit, but I no longer see it on the website.

Poor Andrew didn't have an actual costume in his size.  I merely added the vest, hat and gun from Limited Edition Shane's full-set.  I would have added some of the ammo belts, except that I couldn't remember how to put them on.  Some of these outfits should come with a how-to-wear diagram.

I had planned to show the couples dancing--after all, it is a fancy dress ball.  But I quickly learned that dealing with nine large dolls on a tabletop with a screen backdrop is something of a dicey proposition.  I have not yet restrung any of my Iplehouse guys, and they are not always as steady on their feet as they were when their stringing was tighter.  The girls are all dealing with doll stands that are inadequate to hold them securely.  Moving any of them around meant keeping an eye out for the domino effect.  In fact, my photo shoot ended in near disaster when I tried to move Shane, he toppled and brought down the backdrop and three other dolls.  Luckily the only damage, if you can call it that, was the loss of Lahela's head magnets.  I'll glue them back in as soon as I find my Super Glue.


  1. They look so good (and it was nice to have a mini-review of the new clothing!) Group photos are terrifying and I am glad you took a chance and did this one! Glad there was no more damage than a magnet!

  2. Those are some GORGEOUS costume bits and pieces. I'm so glad the domino effect didn't absolutely break your soul; I've had that happen so many times I can't even recount the horror anymore.