Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chittenden County Doll Club Meeting, November 23, 2013

It seems like only yesterday that our doll club met to celebrate Halloween.  Now here we are again, celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That's because our next meet-up will be in January.

I arrived a few minutes past the appointed time to find that Lyrajean had set up a doll's feast on a doll-sized table with doll-sized dishes.  Most of the miniatures date from her time in Japan, with a few exceptions, like the mini mug with a moose and the word Vermont on it.  The Bento box and its contents look good enough to eat, don't they?

She brought a number of dolls:  F26 FCS girl on seirei tenshi body, SD13 Toyha, Unoa sist, YoSD Kira, Junkyspot Freya in ABS plastic, CustomHouse petite Sariel.  I have seen them all before, but never quite nailed down the letters and numbers that make up the Volks nomenclature.  Now maybe it will be easier to remember who's who.
 Goldi says she has sworn off all but SD dolls.  She has sold her other sizes and has acquired her first two Volks girls:  Rinon (brunette in pigtails) and DWC 02 Head (blonde).
I think the DWC 02 looks like a young Goldie Hawn.  Then again, I keep forgetting that I am a bit older than the others and that they don't have the same frame of reference I do.  Goldie Hawn is Kate Hudson's mother, if that helps.

Wish I had taken a close-up of their shoes.  The red ones are to die for!  One more pic, because these girls look so natural in front of the camera:

ModernWizard brought only two dolls, because she also brought a lot of props.  Her dolls are Submit, a bald Elfdoll Kathlen, and Epona, a custom satyr action figure.  Epona is not only realistically painted, she is hanging out of her costume, so if that sort of thing offends you, scroll by quickly.  Actually, she is rather well done.
Because of requests, I brought a larger contingent of dolls than usual.  First we have the Fairyland Realpukis:  SoSo, PuPu and KaKa, lovers of mischief extraordinaire and complete camera hogs.  They each have new footwear, but I did not have time to paint the shoes or the skates.  Their perfectly scaled riding toys are Christmas decorations I found at Michael's.

Next we have Iplehouse BID Ringo, also known as Maddie.  As usual she looks unhappy and/or angry, this time because she received a sack of coal for Christmas.  The coal is actually chocolate, shaped and wrapped to resemble lumps of coal.  Maddie has put me on notice that she will not come to any more meet-ups.  She is tired of being laughed at.
Then, because I wanted to bring a doll that had not been to a meet-up before, I brought three slim minis sculpted by Bimong:  open-eye Narae (seated), butterfly Narae (left), and Narin (right).
And now, the feature everyone is awaiting--candid shots!

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight,
 "Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!"

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  1. Looks like you had a fun day meeting up together. So many beautiful dolls!