Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chittenden County Doll Club Meeting, November 23, 2013

It seems like only yesterday that our doll club met to celebrate Halloween.  Now here we are again, celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That's because our next meet-up will be in January.

I arrived a few minutes past the appointed time to find that Lyrajean had set up a doll's feast on a doll-sized table with doll-sized dishes.  Most of the miniatures date from her time in Japan, with a few exceptions, like the mini mug with a moose and the word Vermont on it.  The Bento box and its contents look good enough to eat, don't they?

She brought a number of dolls:  F26 FCS girl on seirei tenshi body, SD13 Toyha, Unoa sist, YoSD Kira, Junkyspot Freya in ABS plastic, CustomHouse petite Sariel.  I have seen them all before, but never quite nailed down the letters and numbers that make up the Volks nomenclature.  Now maybe it will be easier to remember who's who.
 Goldi says she has sworn off all but SD dolls.  She has sold her other sizes and has acquired her first two Volks girls:  Rinon (brunette in pigtails) and DWC 02 Head (blonde).
I think the DWC 02 looks like a young Goldie Hawn.  Then again, I keep forgetting that I am a bit older than the others and that they don't have the same frame of reference I do.  Goldie Hawn is Kate Hudson's mother, if that helps.

Wish I had taken a close-up of their shoes.  The red ones are to die for!  One more pic, because these girls look so natural in front of the camera:

ModernWizard brought only two dolls, because she also brought a lot of props.  Her dolls are Submit, a bald Elfdoll Kathlen, and Epona, a custom satyr action figure.  Epona is not only realistically painted, she is hanging out of her costume, so if that sort of thing offends you, scroll by quickly.  Actually, she is rather well done.
Because of requests, I brought a larger contingent of dolls than usual.  First we have the Fairyland Realpukis:  SoSo, PuPu and KaKa, lovers of mischief extraordinaire and complete camera hogs.  They each have new footwear, but I did not have time to paint the shoes or the skates.  Their perfectly scaled riding toys are Christmas decorations I found at Michael's.

Next we have Iplehouse BID Ringo, also known as Maddie.  As usual she looks unhappy and/or angry, this time because she received a sack of coal for Christmas.  The coal is actually chocolate, shaped and wrapped to resemble lumps of coal.  Maddie has put me on notice that she will not come to any more meet-ups.  She is tired of being laughed at.
Then, because I wanted to bring a doll that had not been to a meet-up before, I brought three slim minis sculpted by Bimong:  open-eye Narae (seated), butterfly Narae (left), and Narin (right).
And now, the feature everyone is awaiting--candid shots!

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight,
 "Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Was a Bad Bad Girl--Again!

Why is it that in most aspects of my life my sales resistance is absolutely rock solid--except when it comes to dolls?  I don't know how many times I have given in to temptation and purchased a doll I neither needed nor truthfully wanted.  My OnlyDoll YiFeng, for example, still languishes on the Den of Angels Marketplace.  Why did I buy him in the first place?  No good reason.  I had a doll on order from Iplehouse, the wait was getting to me, so I sought relief in a quick dolly fix.  I rued it almost immediately.  And every day that I have to bump up the listing I rue it yet again.

Minifee Celine is another doll whose purchase was unplanned.  New sculpt.   Little teeth.  Ooh, how cute!  Two months' wait.  The doll finally arrives.  After a while I'm not liking the color of her face-up.  Yellow and purple eyeshadow.  Who's bright idea was that?  It looks like the aftermath of a black eye.  I'm not in love with the teeth after all.  I should have bought Chloe, who has been on my want list ever since Fairyland debuted her.

It occurred to me that I could buy a Chloe head on the Marketplace, put it on Celine's body and then sell Celine's head.  Quick and easy.  I found a drop-dead gorgeous Chloe head for sale, sent a message to the seller and waited.  No response.  Was the seller in negotiations with another buyer?  I figured I had better keep looking, just in case.

Enter a Chloe with body.  Not a problem.  I would simply sell Celine as a full doll.  I already had her full set listed on the Marketplace.  All I had to do was re-combine it with the doll and sell everything together.  To make a long story short, Chloe came to Resin Corner on a Tuesday and Celine departed from it that Friday.

Do I regret the transaction?  Not a bit of it!  Chloe's previous owner gave her a beautiful face-up.  I like it better than the default makeup I would have received had I ordered from Fairyland.  That said, I immediately changed her eyes for a pair of high domes in blue.  Not that I don't love green, because I do, but the low dome looks strange from some angles.  I have an identical pair of the green eyes, which Shushu wore for a while until I decided I didn't like how they looked.  Chloe also came with a plain brown wig, size 6/7.  Again, I prefer a 7/8 for these dolls.  A 6/7 will fit, but you have to tug and tug on it to get it on.  A 7/8 is slightly loose, but with a wig cap underneath results in a glorious full head of hair.

It's funny how some dolls look good in their default wig, but don't look like much in anything else.  Chloe looked good in every wig we tried on.  I decided to let her wear a Monique Gold Faith in peach blonde/bleach blonde for her photos.  I dressed her in the little blue crochet and lace dress that I bought on the Marketplace.  Stunning! 

While scouting around the house for an interesting corner in which to take photos, I noticed a beam of low, afternoon sunlight striking the sofa where three of my Minifee girls were sitting.  I moved Shushu and Juri12 to another chair temporarily and started shooting.  My new girl did not disappoint.  She loves the camera and the camera loves her.  The only photo I couldn't use was one where the photographer's hand shook.

I have been toying with names for her.  At first I thought I would keep Celine's name of Sidonie.  But would I want a constant reminder that I had traded Celine for another model?  Maybe not.  I would name her Chloe, except that I want to buy a LittleFee Chloe at some point to be her little sister.  For now I'm thinking of Chloe for the little sister, so maybe Zoey for big sis.  Tune in next week to see if I have changed my mind. ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing Minifee Karsh

Seeing as it is possible to put any Minifee head on either a boy or a girl body, I should perhaps specify that this is my first Minifee boy.  He is not as recent an acquisition as it would appear.  I bought his head on e-bay last August, then ordered a body during Fairyland's summer event.  By adding a few little things to my order (3 pairs of shoes and a pair of ice skates for my RealPukis) I was able to qualify for an event gift, in this case a LittleFee faceplate.  (Don't ask me what I intend to do with it, as I haven't a clue!)  The Minifee body and booty arrived recently.  I have been trying to find stuff to fit him ever since.

What attracted me to the head was its soft, subtle face-up.  If you have seen Karsh on Fairyland's site, you know his makeup looks bold and dark, as befits his character of Elf Assassin.  While the face-up suits that particular character, it is also the default face-up.  That is the only face-up Fairyland offers.  I like that the softer, artist face-up gives him a more thoughtful expression.

I wasn't kidding when I said I have been trying to find things to fit him.  JID Boris has trouble finding clothes, too, but for him everything is too tight.  Karsh has the opposite problem:  everything is too big.  I had thought that when I ordered the muscular body I would find plenty of things he could wear.  That is not the case.  The clothes I made for Limho Mono are all too big in the shoulders, despite Karsh's muscles.  He is shorter than the U-noa boys, so their jeans puddle on the floor around his feet.  I finally found a pair of jeans that fit.  I wish I could remember from what pattern I made them.  They could be a little shorter, but I don't want to hem them up because they also fit the U-noas.

Shoes are a particular problem.  His feet are small.  I found a pair of boots made for Goodreau resin girls that fit, but something about them prevents him from standing up in them.  He ended up with a pair of sneakers that are huge even when worn with socks.  On the other hand, he can balance better on these so he will keep them until I find something else.  I didn't try the Tonner Matt O'Neill shoes on him.  The fabric shoes look like they might stain.  As for the others, I just can't bear to put him in molded plastic loafers.  Ick!

For a while I had him in a white Tonner tee shirt.  It wasn't a bad fit, but he looked so washed out that I knew he needed something colorful.  Enter Siean with her striped top and leggings.  Her top fit him perfectly, despite the muscles.  To be honest, it was a little large in back for Siean, which is why I always photograph her from the front when she is wearing that outfit.  Until I make him one in another color, it belongs to Karsh.

I am also having trouble deciding on a look for him where wigs are concerned.  While I waited for his body, I had him in a short, caramel-colored Dollzone wig.  I thought it suited him quite well.  Once I combined head and body, the wig just didn't do anything for him.  He has a wide noggin compared to some of my girls, so I found myself searching through my 7/8 wigs.  One of the long Iplehouse wigs isn't too bad on him, along with a shorter black-and-gold streaked wig whose maker I don't know.  Finally I gave Karsh the black-and-purple wig Boris has been wearing, leaving Boris with the black-and-gold streaked wig.  For now it works, but I will probably be wig shopping for both of them before too long.

Sometimes my dolls remain nameless for a long time, simply because I cannot think of a name.  I used to keep a list of names that I had given my dolls (something I ought to update on a regular basis, given how short my memory can be) and I picked it up today to see what was available.  Sometime ago I sold the LimhoMono that I had named Heath.  I looked at Karsh and decided he looked like a Heath--so Heath it is.

Believe it or not, I actually had a photo story planned for today, but now that I have spent so much time talking about Karsh, the story will have to wait for another post.  With any luck, the sun might shine next weekend so I can retake some of the photos.  Stranger things have happened!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Dress Ball

With the arrival of two new costumes last week, it occurred to me that I now had enough to dress all my large Iplehouse dolls as if they were going to a fancy dress ball.  Masks would have been a delicious accent, if not for the fact that I was laid low by a reaction to a flu shot this week and simply couldn't motivate myself to make any.

First to arrive were SID Zera and SID Barahan.  She is wearing Iple's new Sleeping Beauty costume.  I had hoped that this outfit might fit nYID Olivia. After all, Iplehouse showed Olivia wearing it on their website.  It appears they put her head on an SID body for the photos, because the top was much too big on my girl.  I tried the outfit on SID Soo, but the top felt too tight for her large bust.  (Not to mention that her nipple blushing was all too apparent through the blouse's thin fabric.)  That left medium bust Zera, who was delighted to wear the blue and white fairytale dress with its voluminous cloak.

Barahan is wearing Freedom Teller's Mr. Captain.  I almost wish I had waited for the re-release of this outfit, because the two stripes on the uniform signify a flight attendant, not a captain.  Someone must have mentioned it to Freedom Teller.  The new version has the requisite four stripes.

SID Soo came to the ball on the arm of SID Claude.  She is wearing a black and red gown called The Countess that I picked up on ebay.  I don't remember the maker's name, only that she lives in Canada.  I sure wish I had this pattern.  It is very versatile, showing up in different variations with and without sleeves, and laced up the back or not.

Her escort is wearing bits and pieces of two outfits.  The blazer and shirt are part of an outfit called Le Roi Danse (The King Dances).  The outfit includes knee britches and white socks, which none of my SID guys have ever been able to wear because Iplehouse shoes (including the ones shown in the website's photos) are too small to fit over socks.  One of these days I will venture forth and try to find shoes from another source.  There must be someone who makes shoes that fit SIDs with socks.  So, instead of knee britches, Claude wears a pair of modern day black slacks.  They look brown in this photo.

EID Lahela arrived wearing my other new Iplehouse costume, called Witch Hunter.  I didn't buy the leather leggings that go with the set (they were offered separately) because I envisioned a struggle getting them on her.  Of course, that means she has to beware of any sudden wind gusts, because her skirt is slit from waist to hem.  All the better to reach her knife, except that there was no knife included in the outfit and I didn't see one offered on their weapons page.  KID Lisa comes with a knife--Lahela will just have to borrow it when Lisa arrives.  I am wondering if Iplehouse changed the color of the corset for this outfit.  It looks green on their website, but the corset I received is brown.

Lahela is accompanied by SID Shane.  Normally she would stand taller than Shane, but I put her flat feet on to keep her at his level.  He is also wearing parts of two costumes.  The cloak is called Count Cape.  It is paired with a ruffled shirt and black slacks that are shown together online with the cape but are available separately as Ripply Shirt and Crush Pants.  I have paired these separates with a red brocade vest that is part of the Le Roi Danse set.

Last to arrive at the party are the younger set:  nYID Olivia, who is currently unattached but has already caught the eye of both SID Shane and nYID Andrew; nYID Audrey, currently paired with Andrew although she started out with Shane; and nYID Andrew, who had better not put a foot wrong because Shane has a long memory and did not take kindly to having his girl stolen away.

Olivia is wearing a variation on Soo's red and black dress, with narrow sleeves, no lacing up the back, and a fun fur collar and cuffs.  Looking at it now, I should have made a tiara to dress it up.  I think I have some silver metallic trim in my stash.  If not, I'll swing by Jo-Ann's one afternoon after work and buy some.

Audrey is wearing the Perla outfit originally offered with Elemental Guardian Bianca.  For a while it was available as a separate outfit, but I no longer see it on the website.

Poor Andrew didn't have an actual costume in his size.  I merely added the vest, hat and gun from Limited Edition Shane's full-set.  I would have added some of the ammo belts, except that I couldn't remember how to put them on.  Some of these outfits should come with a how-to-wear diagram.

I had planned to show the couples dancing--after all, it is a fancy dress ball.  But I quickly learned that dealing with nine large dolls on a tabletop with a screen backdrop is something of a dicey proposition.  I have not yet restrung any of my Iplehouse guys, and they are not always as steady on their feet as they were when their stringing was tighter.  The girls are all dealing with doll stands that are inadequate to hold them securely.  Moving any of them around meant keeping an eye out for the domino effect.  In fact, my photo shoot ended in near disaster when I tried to move Shane, he toppled and brought down the backdrop and three other dolls.  Luckily the only damage, if you can call it that, was the loss of Lahela's head magnets.  I'll glue them back in as soon as I find my Super Glue.