Sunday, October 27, 2013

Special Halloween Meet-Up of the Chittenden County Doll Club

The Chittenden County Doll Club held an extra meeting yesterday in honor of Halloween.  The ghoulies and ghastlies came together in costume to celebrate the season, and Modern Wizard brought another of her craftily wonderful set pieces where the small ones could interact.

My Fairyland PukiFee multiheads Zefi (behind the pumpkin) and Bonnie (on the bench) met the strangest creature in the graveyard.  He said his name was Timonium and he claimed to be a Soom Faery Legend Auber.  Bonnie thought he must be very important to have four syllables in his name.  (Timonium belongs to Modern Wizard.)

Maddie, my Iplehouse BID Ringo, was dismayed to find herself seated next to the same scary lady as at Halloween last year.  (Araminthe, a B&G Dolls snarling Burrysa, belongs to Modern Wizard.)  Maddie didn't quite trust those sharp teeth dripping blood.  "Are you going to turn me into a pumpkin?" she breathed.  "You're already a pumpkin," Araminthe answered.  "Or hadn't you noticed?"  At which point Maddie began to cry.

Meanwhile, across the room, a very civilized Halloween party was underway with Lyrajean's Customhouse Sariel, Hujoo Freya (a white cat awaiting painting to resemble Lyra's calico), and Volks Yo-SD Kira.

One table over, a second group of Lyrajean's dolls enjoyed more Halloween snacks.  They are Iplehouse EID Asa in the leopard print dress, Volks Masha seated, and behind her wearing the Japanese mask is a Volks F26.

Goldi brought a Soom Teenie Gem Necy fox (without any of the fox appendages), as well as her Fairyland MiniFee Chloe.

Megan did not bring any dolls this time, although she did have two realistic raven heads that she had sculpted.  Regrettably I didn't get any photos of them.  Purplekiss101 brought a Crobidoll Yeon-Ho type B, a handsome fellow who did not look particularly thrilled to be wearing a bunny suit.

My Unoa Chibi Lilin wandered over to the graveyard after the others had left.  Something about the place made her witch's hat twitch and tremble in anticipation.  She knew she had to investigate.

The place was haunted for sure, because every so often a flash would go off, lighting the clearing and its stone occupants.  Lilin hurried back to the other table, where things felt safer.

Bonnie and Zefi went to sleep in the graveyard, in the hope that when they awakened the spooky goings on would prove to have been only a dream.  (These two Fairyland dolls have the optional sleep faces in addition to their open eyed versions.  I don't often buy the sleep faces, but these were so cute I couldn't resist.)


  1. Hah hah, I think you captured Araminthe's crabby personality well!

  2. I love the variety of dolls that your group has. And everyone's taste is different, too. I haven't been to a bjd doll meetup yet. Although I did have a meet up with one person at a coffee shop. :D

    1. Meeting with one person at a coffee shop is a good way to start. My local group started with just two people (ModernWizard and myself) meeting for lunch. We're still small, but growing! Meet-ups are a great way to connect with other collectors and to see dolls in person that you can otherwise only see online. I highly recommend it!