Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chibi Lilin Gets Ready for Halloween

My local doll club is having an extra meet-up this month in honor of Halloween.  I have already promised to bring one of my Iplehouse BIDs in last year's pumpkin costume, plus another BID in a new costume that I haven't started yet.  I have been putting it off for weeks.  Now all of a sudden I have run out of time.  If I don't make it next week I'll have to wait another year.

So what did I do this weekend instead of making the new Halloween costume?   I made a different Halloween costume.  U-noa Chibi Lilin happened to be wearing an outfit from last year--a yellow Laurel Burch cat print skirt with orange tights and top.  I once bought a package of fat quarters made up of the cat print in different colors combined with coordinating confetti prints.  I have used the black already.  One of my U-noa Sist girls is wearing it.  I wondered if there was enough fabric left for a second skirt.  If not I would use the yellow skirt Lilin already has, because none of the other colors suggest Halloween.

I found the black print and was pleased to see I could squeeze a skirt out of it.  I decided to make it a wrap skirt, using the black confetti print for the waistband and ties.  Many years have passed since I last wore a wrap skirt.  I no longer have one in my closet for reference.  Now that Lilin's is finished, I see what I should have done differently to make the skirt wrap more before tying.  Next time I sew one I'll know what to do.

Halloween can be a chilly holiday in the North Country, so I made Lilin some arm warmers in the same knit as the tights and top.  Of course, her shoulders are still bare, as is her midriff.  I went down to my craft room and pulled out a pattern for a cape.  Lilin is considerably shorter than the MSD for whom the cape is designed, but the wrist length version should be close to dress length on her.

The next decision to be made is: collar or hood.  The pattern (Gracefaerie's #27 The Cloak) provides both vampire and ruffled collars in addition to a hood.  I want Lilin to wear the long, straight, dark brown wig in today's photos; fitting a hood over it might be awkward.  I have cut it out and plan to make it anyway, but I may discard it if I don't like how it looks. 

There is another option:  a witch's hat.  This is not part of the Gracefaerie pattern, but of a pattern by Shelley Hawkey for a 14-inch cloth stump doll called Maggy.  I've wanted to make this doll for years, just never got around to it.  The hat looks like it will measure 8 inches in circumference when sewn, which is too big for Lilin.  I am going to reduce it slightly on the photocopier before giving it a try.

Today I got as far as cutting out all the pieces of the cape.  Then I started reading the directions.  Uh-oh.  It appears that I must make the cape with French seams.  Are you kidding me?  I have never sewn a French seam in my life.  All of a sudden my simple project has encountered a steep learning curve.  I'll have to practice on scrap fabric before I tackle the slippery stuff I bought for the cape.  All I can say is...RATS!  (If you are reading this in Google translator, substitute the expletive of your choice for the word in caps.)

Hmm, I wonder how a witch's hat will look without an accompanying cape?


  1. She'll make a really cute little witch! I like the skirt, with the large bow...she's very festive looking. :D

  2. A French seam really isn't that scary--just ridiculously time-consuming. However if' you're already prone to sewing the wrong sides together first, at least now you won't have to pick them apart--it'll be deliberate!

  3. awww bless you!! I hope learning French seams goes well for you and cant wait to see the outfits made! :D

  4. It's Thursday and I still haven't tackled the French seams. Methinks I should make the hat first. If worse comes to worst, she can wear a black cape made by Iplehouse for their BIDs. I tried it on her and it fits.