Sunday, October 20, 2013

Arrival of Iplehouse nYID Olivia

New Doll Alert!

That means a box opening.

It also means that I got absolutely no sewing done this weekend.

As for catching up over the next few days leading up to Saturday's doll meet-up...not going to happen.  Olivia no sooner made it home than I checked on my Fairyland orders and saw that my PukiFees have shipped.  They cleared the local sort facility today, which means they'll be knocking at my door tomorrow.  I'll be at work, so I'll have to make time on Tuesday morning to go fetch them from the Post Office.  Olivia and the PukiFees were ordered a month apart, and here they are within a few days of each other.  It never rains but it pours.  (I am not complaining.)

Back to Olivia.  I had been searching for a doll to replace SID Mari, whose peach gold resin disappointed me so much that I re-homed her.  Enter Olivia.  Like Audrey, she is a basic doll.  I like that Iple releases basics every once in a while.  If you can't afford a doll when she first appears, you can relax in the knowledge that she won't be here today and gone tomorrow, like the limited editions.  Oddly enough, I didn't love her on first sight.  It was something about the way Iple styled her.  I didn't like the wig and I loathed her outfit.  It took the introduction of new outfits some months later for me to see her possibilities.  I ordered the doll--and the new outfit.

In fact, I ordered more than the doll and the outfit.  I ordered a total of two wigs, two outfits, a pair of leggings, two pairs of flat shoes, and a carrier for the smaller dolls.  Here is the haul, before and after I removed the bubble wrap.

I had a choice of breast sizes with Olivia.  Not being a fan of ginormous hooters, I ordered her with a medium bust.  It's still quite impressive, so much so that I can't imagine what the large or the glamour sizes must look like in person.  The only trouble is that some clothing does not fit as well as it would if she were bigger.  After trying the white dress and shrug on Olivia, I decided it would look better on SID Zera, especially against Zera's darker resin.  (For anyone interested, my Olivia is normal resin with Faceup A.)

I love that Iplehouse has begun to make flat shoes for its larger girls.  The dolls ship with flat feet, but because the only shoes that were available for the longest time were heels, the first thing I always had to do with a new doll was change her flat feet to heel feet (included with the doll).  These dolls come tightly strung!  Attaching feet can be a painful adventure.  I appreciate that this time I did not have to go fishing for lost elastic way up inside her leg.  And I love, love, LOVE these red shoes.

Without further ado, here is Olivia modeling her outfits and wigs.

I love the colors in this outfit, but Iplehouse, could you please make your skirts a wee bit longer?  Or at least give them a built-in panty?  I photographed Olivia sitting down to preserve her modesty.  Standing, she shows a little too much anatomical correctness.

This one is not quite as short.  I knew the moment I put it on her, however, that she would be passing it on to my two SID girls.  Here is the same dress on SID Zera:

SID girls are broader across the shoulders, so the shrug lies better on Zera even though she has the same size bust as Olivia.  Zera borrowed the red wig for the photo.  It's the same size as all the other wigs I buy for Iple's larger girls, i.e., 8/9, but this one is a tighter fit than normal.  Olivia has a narrower head, so she can wear it without fear that it will pop off and fly across the room.

I confess that I bought the leggings without knowing what would go with them.  I figured I might have to make something.  As soon as I opened the package, I realized they would work with Zera's red sweater.  Judging by the fit, I seem to have put the wrong black tee shirt underneath.  I think this belongs to one of the boys.  It's not her best look.  I may try the leggings with just a black tee shirt--once I find the one that fits.  (When did I buy so many black tees?)

Finally, I put Olivia in a black stretch denim number that gives her a slightly edgy look.  It's another very short dress.  It comes with the choker, black panties and over-the-knee black stockings.

A pretty girl deserves a close-up:

Or two:

Have I mentioned that I love this girl?  Olivia is staying, for sure.  (I also like the name, so she will be keeping it.  So much easier for me to remember, too.)


  1. Oh, you got the panties to fit with the denim dress! I got that set and they refused to go much up over my doll's knees--the band was small and not too stretchy. I know what you mean about the short skirts--I have the lace wrap dress for the Eid and it's really a shirt, IMO :) Congratulations!

  2. That lace wrap dress struck me as a shirt, too, LOL. Otherwise I would have picked it up for my EID girl. I'm surprised that the black panties didn't fit your girl. Iple's stuff is usually tight, but stretchy enough to go on. They must have goofed on the ones you got. Have you tried them on JID?

  3. One of my Soom girls stole them, so it was all good.:D I think it was just an accident--everything else I got was fine, fit wise!