Sunday, September 1, 2013

Styling MiniFee Siean

It took two and one-half months from date of order to date of delivery.  That's actually right on the money, considering Fairyland counts business days rather than days in the month when it promises delivery in 50 to 60 days.  Weekends and holidays don't count.  I knew from the start that I would want a body for the MiniFee Siean gift head I received when ordering MiniFee Celine, so I placed my order and amused myself during the wait by painting faceups.

Siean got 3 different faceups during that time.  They were the sort of faceup that looked good to the naked eye, but not so good when photographed and magnified on the computer screen.  I blamed my lack of success on the fact that I was due for an eye exam and most likely would need new glasses.  The time for my exam came and went, I got new glasses, and re-examined Siean's latest faceup.  It wasn't all that bad.  I decided I could get by with tweaking the features that didn't work for me:  her eyebrows and lower lashes. 

I am happy with the results.  Much as I would like to draw or paint very thin lines, I never seem to get my pencil point sharp enough or hold a brush steady enough.  I could send her out for a spa treatment, but why pay for a faceup when the one I paint is good enough for me?

Siean's new body is somewhat kicky, which I take to mean that she is strung too tightly.  Either I take her apart and loosen her elastic, or I wait and see how long it takes her to loosen up by herself.  Some dolls do so fairly quickly; some dolls never do. For now I am rather enjoying the tightness, seeing as I have too many dolls who have loosened to the point of floppiness.

One thing I didn't get around to--yet--is sewing for her.  I think I needed to see her all put together first to get a sense of who she is.  She is not as feminine looking as the other girls.  I see her as a Steampunk adventurer, intelligent, a bit boyish and bold.  Luckily I have just the pattern for it.  In the meantime, she has borrowed the little blue crochet and lace dress that Calandra was wearing, while Calandra has appropriated something of Ellowyne's.  I should switch them, but Calandra's jacket is so tight I don't relish having to take it off and put it on the other girl.

After Siean's body arrived, I tried several blonde wigs on her, totally forgetting the For My Doll wine red wig waiting for her in the wig box.  What an amazing difference it made!  The blonde wigs, while pretty, did nothing to bring out the blue of her eyes.  The moment I put the red wig on her, the blue color just popped.  The short style works well, too.  It's very gamin, and I love how her elf ears poke through.

I was still looking for a name for her when she told me herself:  it's Sela.  I tried to get her to consider another name but she stamped her foot and insisted: Sela.  All right.  Sela it is.  Never try to argue with an elf.  You won't win.

While I was tweaking Sela's faceup yesterday, I decided to tackle Iplehouse Soo's faceup, too.  Poor thing, I had wiped off her original faceup and then given her one that just missed the look I was after.  Again, it was the eyebrows and the lower lashes.  I also hadn't removed as much of the dark color in her mouth as I wanted.  The enhanced faceup is much better.  In fact, I like it so much I withdrew her listing from the DoA Marketplace.  I won't be selling her after all.

Note:  No real birds were harmed or harassed in the taking of these photos.  The cockatiel pictured is a resin sculpture.


  1. Her faceup is great! She'sl looking quite Irish!

    1. Thanks! She is an interesting sculpt. I think she looks more mature than the other MiniFees.

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job on both!

  3. Love it. The last photo is my favorite.

  4. Thanks, Jordy and Julie. Soo's faceup is all the more amazing when you look at what I started with (July 2012). Her original faceup had so much red blush around and under her nose that she looked like she was stuffed up with a cold. She also had heavily lacquered red lips and thick black eye makeup. Not my style at all.

    The last photo looks like she's thinking: "There's a bird behind me, isn't there? I can feel him staring at me."

  5. They're both so lovely! Iplehouse Soo puts me in mind of a younger (and un-coked-out-of-her-mind) Lindsey Lohan; she's so pretty!