Sunday, September 22, 2013

Raiding Ellowyne's Closet

This post was supposed to reveal a new outfit for JID Boris.  I made him a new top and spent all day yesterday on a pair of pants that isn't going to work.  The pockets are puckered and the rise is too short.  After fussing with the garment all day, I tossed it aside in frustration.  What to do?  I still need to blog about something.

Well, you could blog about us...

Sidonie.  I can't do another post about MiniFees so soon.  I featured Siean only last week at the doll meet.

That was Siean.  What about the rest of us?  We all have new clothes and want to show off.

Technically speaking, you don't all have "new" clothes.  You have new pieces mixed with things from Ellowyne's closet.

They're new to us.

They are indeed.

And I happen to know that you made my unitard this very afternoon.  I like it, by the way.  It's very sexy.  I look much hotter than Mallory or Calandra.  I can't decide about Siean.  Does she think her outfit is sexy?

No, I'm sure she doesn't.  It wasn't meant to be sexy.  It was meant to be cute.


What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, nothing...

Look, I'm sorry if your fashions don't quite measure up to what's in that catalog you're reading.  I'm limited by the patterns and fabric I have available.  So some of you may look more vintage than the others.

I'm sure you do the best you can with your limited talents...

That's not nice, Sid.

So, which parts of our outfits did you make?  The skirts?

The only skirt I made is Siean's.  The rest of you are wearing Ellowyne's skirts.

That accounts for why the waistbands don't quite fit.  Of course, Siean's skirt doesn't fit her, either, and you made that one.

What can I say?  I made it for a larger girl.  Siean is wearing it because the color was just right for her top and leggings.

At least our unitards and leggings fit.  You did make all those, right?

I did, thank you for noticing.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics this weekend and stocked up on knits, so you can expect to see a few more leggings and unitards.

With new skirts to match, maybe?

Maybe.  What do you think, Siean?

Cool.  But could I have shorts instead of a skirt?

Shorts?  The weather is turning colder.

And my short wig instead of this fairy one.  The way Calandra is looking at me, I can tell she wants it back.

And can I have flats, please?  These heels are killing me.

Any more requests?  Calandra?  Mallory?

Well, beige does tend to make me look washed out...

And I just want to put in a vote for dark hair.  I like this wig a whole lot better than the others I've worn.  But I really like this outfit.  Just thought you should know.

Ladies, your wishes are my command.


  1. LOL MNF are so demanding! They all look very nice though! :)

  2. Thanks, these posts are more fun to write than regular posts. I should do them more often. :)