Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life After Layla and Nelly

I may have mentioned this before:  this Summer I sold my two larger Kaye Wiggs girls, MSD-sized Layla and SID-sized Nelly.  Both were sweet, adorable girls, but out of scale with my other dolls.  Now that they are gone, I am left with a number of patterns as well as the clothing I made from them.  I am not a person who gets rid of things just because I no longer have the dolls they were designed for.  There will always be another doll who can wear the clothes, with or without alteration.  Today I tried some of Layla's outfits on Iplehouse JID Asa.

I did not take photos, but the pink dress that both Layla and Nelly wore fits Asa.  It's a little snug around the bottom snap, but at least I know I can use the pattern for my JID girls.  All I need to do is shorten the bodice so that the dress flares out sooner.  It might look better if the dress length were a little shorter, too.

The last outfit I made for Layla, a sleeveless dress with a white turtleneck underneath, was a bit snug over Asa's chest.  I should mention that I tried both outfits on real skin Asa, who has a large bust.  I expect the fit will be a little different on white Asa, who has a small bust.  The turtleneck gave me an idea.

Some time ago I made an experimental skirt for Elfdoll Sooah.  There is no pattern.  I simply cut out a square of fabric, cut a hole in the center for a waist, slit the back a couple of inches to allow room to maneuver the skirt over the doll's hips, made a waistband and added a snap for closure.  I weighted the four corners of the square with beads in the shape of feathers.  Except for the corners, the skirt ended up way too short.  The doll's undergarments were showing.  I figured the skirt would work better on a smaller doll.

The skirt fit Asa.  All it needed was for me to move the snap in.  I cast about in my stash of recently acquired knits and found a brown with pink flowers that would work with the skirt.  I remembered that the turtleneck came from MHD Designs' Petits Riens (i.e., Little Nothings) for 18" Kaye Wiggs dolls.  What I had forgotten was that it was not just a turtleneck, but a body suit.  I worried that my fabric, which does not have the 4-way stretch that I prefer for body suits, might not work.  The pattern directions, however, called for 2-way stretch.  They didn't say which way to orient the stretch, but knowing that Layla was flat-chested and Asa has a chest led me to lay out the fabric with the stretch going horizontally.

I confess I worked quickly.  It was already afternoon by the time I decided what I wanted to sew, and the days are getting noticeably shorter.  Would I finish in time to take photos?  I did--just barely.  Luckily I didn't need to rip out any seams, just an inch-and-a-half of one.  I am amazed that the pattern needed absolutely no alterations.  It fit Asa like a glove.  Of course, this is the first time I have made it from the correct fabric.  Believe me, it makes a difference. 

Being rushed means I did not have time to make matching stockings, which I still plan to do.  That means I also have to change Asa's heel feet to her flat feet, because the knit is too thick to fit with her high heel shoes.  (I did the same thing last week after taking photos of Sidonie, i.e., MiniFee Celine, with thick tights stuffed into her high heels.  The fit was so snug I was afraid of stretching the shoes, so I changed her feet and found her a pair of loose, low-heeled shoes to wear with the tights instead.)

Meanwhile, JID Boris still waits for a pair of pants that fit.  Maybe I'll feel like it next week.

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