Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chittenden County Doll Club Mini-Meetup for September

Yesterday, three members of the club met at the Brownell Library, Essex Junction, Vermont.  For the first hour it was only Modern Wizard and myself; we were later joined by Meghan and one of her amazing hand-sculpted dolls.

I brought Iplehouse SID Soo, wearing what I thought would be a dress no one had seen on her.  Turns out I should have checked my photos of previous meets first, because Soo has modeled this outfit here before.  It fits a little differently now, because the dress was made for EID and she was then on Lahela's EID body.  EID women tend to be of Amazonian proportions.  SIDs are smaller.  I would alter it to fit her, but I am still on the fence about whether or not I will keep the larger doll.

Soo was eager to show off her improved faceup.  What can I say?  She looks great in person.  Close-ups as seen on a computer monitor tend to emphasize the fact that she could be improved even more.  Most photos tell me I need an air brush.  The only problems are: 1) the cost of the apparatus; 2) the cost of ink; 3) the learning curve as I figure out how to use it; 4) my eyesight and 5) my sometimes arthritic hands.  In the end, I don't know if it's worth it.  How many faceups must I do before the apparatus becomes cost effective?  And why do I still want to try it?

Curious to compare two different sizes of the same sculpt, Modern Wizard asked to see Feeple65 Siean together with MiniFee Siean.  The resemblance might be more evident if both faceups were done by the same hand, but F65 Siean has the FairyLand default faceup, while MF Siean was face-upped by me.  Believe me, I would have ordered a FairyLand faceup for MF Siean had it been offered, but hers was an event head and they come blank.  Again, she looks best in person.

I like to bring a change of wig for each doll to make picture-taking more interesting.  Soo's two wigs are from Iplehouse, as is F65 Siean's light brown one.  F65 Siean's long curly wig is from Jpopdolls.  MiniFee Siean's two wigs are from For My Doll (red) and LeekeWorld (blonde/green). Soo's and F65 Siean's dresses are from Iplehouse; MF Siean's top, leggings and jumper were made by me.

Modern Wizard brought some small dolls that I hadn't seen before.  They are Elfdoll Kathlen (the one without a wig) and Elfdoll Winky (multicolored hair and, of course, a wink).  She also brought two Takara Microman Microlady Material Force figures, who remind me of my Art S. Buck anatomical models except on a much smaller scale.  So much articulation in so tiny a package is nothing short of amazing.

Meghan brought the smaller of her two sculpts, who is sporting a new shirt.  The fact that she sculpted him without ever having held a BJD in her hands continues to astound me.  She had to make his S-hooks because they don't come that small.  What can I say but, "Wow!"  When I think back to the Sculpey figures I made years ago, I'm glad I threw them away.  No contest.

Normally the club meets every two months, but in honor of Halloween we are having a meeting next month.  Modern Wizard has been putting together a graveyard scene, and I have a pattern for a Halloween costume for one of my Iple BIDs.  If I get really ambitious, I may make two of them.  It should be a frightful get-together.

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  1. I love seeing the photos from your meetups! I'm so glad you all get together so regularly. BTW, happy belated birthday!!!!