Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too Young to Drive: Bicycle Boys

I love it when I score a great prop!  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I can't wait to share.

This time it's The Bicycle.  I've been wanting an MSD-sized bicycle for ages.  I thought I would have to buy one in pink or purple from American Girl--an obvious girl's bike for sure.  The boys would never go for that.  Then someone on Den of Angels posted a photo of a boy doll with a gold-colored metal bike from Pier One.  I couldn't log off DoA fast enough in my haste to buy one for my boys.

Turns out it's a little short, probably better sized for the girls.  Luckily girls don't mind riding boys' bikes.  I didn't let any of them try it, however.  The first time was strictly for the guys.

Boris wheeled it out into the driveway for a test spin.  Not the best choice, perhaps, as he is the tallest of the group.

Little Yuri could only look on in wonder and desire.  I tried to sit him on it, but he didn't reach the handlebars or the pedals and had nothing to hold onto.  I didn't trust him not to fall off, so no photo.

Narin arrived, along with the U-noa boys, L-bi and B-El.  (I can never remember which is which unless I pull out one of my U-noa Freak books.  L-bi is the one who looks like Lusis.  Easy enough to remember.  They both start with L.  But then L sounds like El.  You can't win.)  Pretend you don't see the doll stands.  A number of my boys are crazy loose and would collapse in an instant if not supported.

A couple of them tried the bike on for size.  We might have had better luck with pants that weren't so tight.  Despite being the most loosely strung of the bunch, L-bi was wearing the tightest pants and could barely bend his knees.

Narin had slightly better luck.  What the photos don't show is how completely mobile this bicycle is.  Everything that is supposed to turn or swivel or roll on a real bicycle does.  That's why I kept the kick stand down, because otherwise the bike would have rolled and fallen, taking one or more of the boys with it.  That also made it hard to pose the dolls.  There were too many moving parts, making it hard to find the perfect balance of doll and bicycle.

Finally it was time to bring the bicycle inside.  Little Yuri could only dream of riding down the hill with the wind at his back.  Maybe someday, when he is a little bigger...


  1. Great photos! The boys look so cute with their bicycle.

    PS. Love the background.

  2. Thanks Julie! The background is my driveway and front porch. By putting my focus on the boys in the shade, I overexposed the background, but at least it keeps the attention on the dolls and not on the scenery.