Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Decorating, MiniFee Style

Much as I love my Victorian sofa from American Girl, it does sit a little too deep for the MiniFees.  I've been meaning to address that with throw pillows, and finally today I got down to it.

I decided to make two styles of pillows:  round and square.  Both are plain knife-edge pillows.  No cording (but only because I didn't have any) or tassels or any other decorations other than buttons on the extra pillow I made for a new wooden chair.  I thought of adding an extra dimension to the round pillows, but in the end I wanted a bunch of pillows in the shortest amount of time, which meant no frills.

Luckily, I had some upholstery fabric on hand, thanks to a local store that specializes in it.  I never need a lot, just a few scraps here and there.  Home decor fabrics tend to come with swatch books.  You look at the book, find the design you like and see what colors it comes in.  Then you order your sofa upholstered or curtains made, etc.  When the swatch books are updated, the old books go into a bin with a minimal price written on them.  That's when and where I stock up.  Ends of fabric bolts go into the bins, too.  It's a merry mess.  I love it!

I drafted two pattern pieces:  a 4-inch square and a roughly 3 and 3/4 inch circle.  The size of the circle was determined by the circumference of a spool of lace that was sitting on the table.  I traced it onto paper, cut it out, and voila!  In retrospect, I could have made the circles larger.  The round pillows are quite small, i.e., decorative rather than functional.  They work, but only just barely.  Next time I'll sew on the cut line and cut a quarter-inch outside of it.

The colorways I had on hand dictated my color scheme of red and green.  I cut out my circles and squares, then sewed around each pair of fabric pieces, leaving a small opening for stuffing.  I pinked the edges, turned the pillows and stuffed them with poly-fil batting left over from my cloth doll-making days.  When each pillow felt right, I sewed the opening closed with an invisible ladder stitch.

The girls pronounced the pillows "adequate".  You'd think they could be a little more appreciative.  Maybe next time I'll suggest that they get out their sewing kits and try making pillows themselves.

Calandra is wearing an outfit by Wilde Imagination made for Ellowyne Wilde. Most of the pieces fit, except for the boots and the pantyhose.  The jacket is extremely tight-fitting.  It was hard getting it on over the blouse sleeves.  Instead of Ellowyne's boots, she is wearing a pair of shoes for Tonner's Matt O'Neill.

I'm getting a little tired of Mallory's belly-baring pants and top.  They're cute, but she is showing a lot of skin.  In the next few days she will be trying on another of Ellowyne Wilde's outfits.  I'm debating whether to cut the feet off the pantyhose so that she can get them on.  Either that, or I can try to make her some leggings from fabric in my stash--if only I can find something that matches the outfit.

In related news, the MiniFee body that I ordered for the Siean event head has just changed status from "Item Processing" to "Before Shipping."  I'm hoping that means it will ship this week.  It's just a body, after all.  No head, so no faceup to do.  No special resin color.  No clothing, wig or shoes to slow the order down.  The status changed on day 50 after I placed my order, although I think there may have been some vacation days or holidays during that period.  Let's just say between 40 and 50 days.  Considering how backed up with orders Fairyland is these days, that's pretty good.

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  1. Love the pillows you have on it! They look great!! This sofa is kind of in between. It's a little big for the MNFs (which is why I have faux fur rugs down in front of mine to hide the fact that their feet don't actually touch the ground, lol) and it's a little small for the SDs. Luckily, it's not too off, so both sets of dolls can use it.