Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Faceup for Tamsin, Part Two

(If you missed Part One, it ran yesterday. Scroll down to see it.)

I couldn't leave it alone.  I knew I had made a hash of Tamsin's faceup and couldn't rest until I fixed it.  Before the evening ended I had wiped it clean, which is easier to do when it's newly done than when the doll has been standing around for several months.  Then today before lunch I re-painted her.

Not quite there yet. She still needs eyelashes, as well as gloss on lips and eyelids.

It's easy when you know where you went wrong.  First of all, her shading was too dark.  I knew I had to pick a lighter pastel and not apply it so thickly.  Secondly, her sculpt gives her a uni-brow.  It's hard to know where to place the eyebrows.  Put them above the ridge and she looks perpetually surprised.  Along the ridge it's hard to draw anything but a straight line.  The trick is to follow the ridge as closely as possible while still managing to introduce an arch.  I don't know how well I succeeded, but it's better than it was.

Then there are her Betty Davis eyes.  I rather liked the silver eyeshadow that I gave her yesterday, so I decided to redo it.  Where I needed change was her lower lashes.  Yesterday I suggested lashes with a smudge of color, because I find it hard to draw a really thin line.  The problem was that the smudge was too dark.  Like it or not, I would have to draw eyelashes.  I kept them short.  Some faceup artists draw ridiculously long lashes that look absolutely fabulous.  When I try to do the same, the result is something else.

Compared to her eyes, her mouth is small with narrow lips.  While I dislike a red mouth, the pink I used yesterday was too pale to balance her huge eyes.  This time I opted for a darker pink.  I would love to extend the lipstick line beyond her lips to give the effect of fullness, but find it hard to do with pastels.  The doll ends up looking like she tried to put on lipstick but couldn't find her mouth.

Yesterday's dark smoky violet eyes had to go.  I wanted a pop of color so I chose a pair of 14 mm Safrindoll eyes in a color called Olivine.  I replaced her eyelashes and put the faceplate back on the head.  Not bad, but I wasn't loving the look with yesterday's wig, so I dug out a wig called Pallid Whispers made for Evangeline Ghastly.  Don't ask me why, but it suits her.

This is as good as she is going to get unless I send her out to a real faceup artist.  Rather than do that, I will simply replace her photos on Den of Angels Marketplace and see if she stirs up any interest.  If she doesn't, there's always eBay.

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