Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Faceup for Tamsin (Lagoon)

I don't know what it is with this girl. I just can't seem to paint her face in a way that I like.  There was my first faceup attempt:

In retrospect, I should have left this one alone.

Then my second, which I don't seem to have photographed.  Recently I wiped her clean:

And today I tried again:

I think what's wrong is the eyeholes. They're just so darn big!

It didn't come out the way I pictured it in my head.  I had thought I might do a better job this time because I got new glasses last week.  I figured I could see better, so it stood to reason that I should paint better.  Right?  Looking at the results, I'd say not.

Thank goodness her outfit came out okay.  Maybe it's because it's a mélange of two patterns.  The current issue (August 2013) of Dolls/Haute Doll has a pattern for a workout set for 16-inch dolls such as Tonner's fashion dolls or Ellowyne.  I thought it would be cute for Tamsin, who has a more petite figure than my other slim mini BJDs.  The directions say to cut the workout suit and leggings from "double-stretch" swimwear fabric.  I cut the leggings from four-way stretch fabric, which worked fine. The suit fabric stretched in what I thought were two directions (i.e., side to side) in exactly the way shown on the printed pattern piece.  So why was the suit too short through the torso?  I'm thinking I should have used four-way stretch fabric instead.  Next time.  (I want to make the workout set for MiniFees, but I will need to enlarge the pattern slightly first.)

I bought the animal print thinking I'd use it for LittleFees.

This left me with a useable pair of leggings and leg warmers, but no suit.  So I turned to the All Dolled Up MiniFee pattern from Adams-Harris and made the cropped tee shirt in the same fabric as the discarded workout suit.  The finished product still looked like it needed something, so I drafted a quick pattern for an asymmetrical skirt, sewed it up in a thin, stretchy fabric in the same shade of blue as the leggings, and ended up with a finished look that I really like.

I wish I liked her faceup better.  Her shading came out too dark, and the smudges I placed under her eyes to suggest lower lashes remind me of the black stuff football players smear under their eyes to reduce glare.  Eventually I may wipe her clean again and give her faceup another try.  For now, the worst of the shading is hidden by her wig.  The trouble is I know it's there.

I'll have to take her off the Den of Angels Marketplace.  She no longer looks like the doll that is listed there.  What I should have done was offer her for sale without a faceup.  That way the buyer could either do the faceup herself or else send it off to a faceup artist whose work she likes.  I may still do that, but I think I'll give her a rest before I strip the makeup off yet again.  One thing is for sure:  I won't be offering my services as a faceup artist anytime soon!

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