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Chittenden County Doll Club Meet-Up July 2013

Normally I wait for ModernWizard to post first, because she is the only one who writes down the names of the various doll sculpts in attendance.  She has not posted yet, however, so I am going to do the best I can and fill in the rest of the names later.  I can identify most of them--except for the Volks dolls.

There were four doll owners at this meet-up:  ModernWizard, Lyrajean, Goldi and me.  Even though ModernWizard brought only one doll, there were a good many resinfolk there.

I didn't get a shot of the whole group this time.  This is about
half of it.  Goldi's dolls on the left, mine on the right.
ModernWizard's excuse for not bringing more dolls was that she had a set piece to carry.  She is totally forgiven, in that the set piece was awesome!  It's a 3-D forest scene that she made from scratch (no kit involved) and little by little, all the smaller dolls found their way into the forest except for MW's Soom Faery Legends Auber, named Timonium, who in my opinion should have been lurking in the shrubbery observing the "human" resinfolk at rest and play.

His monochromatic color scheme works very well.  Too bad
he wasn't around when I dressed nearly all my dolls for a
black and white party.  He would have been invited for sure.

Lyrajean brought a number of Volks SDs: an F26 in the kimono, a sleeping School A on a Volks SD13 boy body (who slept through the entire meet), a Volks Tony with a Volks Masha, and her Volks YoSD Kira, along with a Custom House Ai Sariel, who looked antique and lovely, as well as her always-gorgeous Iplehouse EID Asa, who was sporting new brown boots that seemed to go on forever.

This is most of the other half.
The rest of the second half: Volks Tony and Masha, with little
Kira in the background.

Goldi came a little late and breathless after taking possession of her new Luts Kid Delf girl with the Summer Event Kid Delf head.  Elf ears -- Yes!  She took the time to make a video of her box opening to post on Den of Angels.  I had to laugh when I viewed it last night because she sped up the parts where she dressed Elodie (Kid Delf) and Tiny Delf Dorothy.  Wish my fingers were that nimble!

Goldi's crew.  Elodie managed to terrify poor Chloe with that gun.

I was happy to see the Kid Delf next to Fairyland MiniFee Chloe, because I had been wondering how they compared in size.  Fairyland was formerly part of Luts; the Kid Delf line is Luts's replacement for the departed MiniFees.  Goldi also brought her Luts Tiny Delf Dorothy, whose new wig, dress and eyes complete her ghost girl look.  Bambicrony Ciao Bella tan skin CherryTea sported a sweet new outfit from DollHeart.  Also new, and a big hit at the meet-up, was Camellia Dynasty Fantastic Pet Bean, the most adorable resin rabbit ever.  He was strung a bit loosely after painting, so he is also the floppiest resin rabbit ever.

Shoeshine, Madame?  Eek!  I'm in love!

I brought six dolls:  Iplehouse JID Benny and JID Boris, because they are my newest dolls; Iplehouse BID Erzulie, because I thought she might be the right size for the forest scene; and my three Fairyland RealPukis: SoSo, KaKa and PuPu, because a) they insisted and b) they don't take up much room.  JaNeece (aka JID Benny) is wearing the wig I bought for Boris, while he is wearing a Monique Gold Buttercup wig that I've had forever and didn't think would fit him because it's a 6/7 and his stated size is 7/8. 

Iplehouse Benny and Boris.  I made the dress for JID Asa last
year.  Benny, Boris and Erzulie are Real Skin resin.
For anyone wondering how MiniFees compare to Iple JIDs,
here are JID Boris and MNF Chloe.  She is wearing heels. 
Boris was more than happy to offer comfort after the gun episode.

ModernWizard's forest provided fun for all the small dolls.  It must be an enchanted forest, because once a doll entered into it and sat down, she never wanted to leave.

First ones there were Sariel and Kira.

Enter the RealPukis, with mischief on their minds.

SoSo threw a tantrum, egged on by KaKa and PuPu.

Sariel went off to get a change of clothes and Erzulie sat down.
The RealPukis decided they had better behave themselves,
although one of them may have peed in Erzulie's lap.

Erzulie gave her seat to CherryTea and hid in the background
while Bean and Ghost Girl crept in.

That's all folks!

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  1. Your club is so cool. And you are right, the forest setting is awesome.