Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sundress for Sidonie

Let's face it, last week's weather at Resin Corner was brutal.  As if week after week of rain weren't enough, the temperatures soared upwards and the humidity turned the heat oppressive.  It was too hot to sew, too humid to work on faceups.  Rarely do I wish for winter, but last week I found myself longing for snow.  I knew I should sew something for the blog, but I couldn't stop dripping long enough to settle down and do it.

Yesterday, finally, the weather pattern broke and a cold front moved through.  Ah, relief at last!  This morning I gathered my ideas and my fabric for a quick sew.  Not the pants I had cut out for Boris.  That fabric is a dark knit and I felt hot just looking at it, despite the drop in the temperature.  For a while I contemplated creating a bikini for one of my MiniFees.  After some reflection I decided I would make a sundress instead.

An unsupported Sidonie, moments
before the wind blew her down.

There is no pattern as such.  I did use one pattern piece, the halter top from MHD Designs' Plaisirs d'Ete for Ellowyne Wilde.  To it I added a wide waistband.  This is a rectangular piece.  For the longest side measure around the doll's waist, plus an inch for seams and overlap; then figure an inch and a half for the shortest side.  I originally cut a piece only one inch wide, then found it wasn't wide enough to attach the halter to the top and the skirt to the bottom and still have some waistband in between.  For the skirt I cut a rectangle of fabric roughly six inches by fourteen inches.  For a shorter skirt use a measurement of five inches or even less.  I made the skirt longer because I didn't want to make the matching bloomers.  I knew from having made a version of this dress before that fourteen inches would give me exactly the fullness I wanted.  The beauty of a skirt like this is that it can be as full or as slim as the seamstress desires.

I trimmed the bottom of the skirt with black lace and a row of pale lavender trim for contrast.  Then, because her decolletage was so revealing, I added a pale lavender bow.  Alas, it doesn't really fill up the space, but rather draws the eye toward the very feature I was trying to minimize.  Oops!  Oh well, Sidonie has the figure to rock this look.  If she likes it, I'm happy.

The Plaisirs d'Ete pattern includes a bolero which I might make to finish off the outfit.  Ellowyne Wilde has smaller hands than most bjds, so when using her patterns it is often necessary to compensate for narrow sleeve openings.  Active-line MiniFee hands are attached by magnets, however, so I can remove the hands to put on the garment.  Looking at the pattern pieces and the photos on the pattern cover, I'm pretty sure the bolero will fit Sidonie without alteration.

Sidonie's wig has a label inside that says Soom, which surprised me because I had stored it in a bag with a tag that said Luts.  I wonder where the Luts wig is?


  1. That dress is gorgeous, which is fitting since Sidonie is gorgeous as well!

  2. Beautiful dress. I think the bow really adds a lot. Love the shoes & the hair too.