Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Foray Into Selling Dolls on eBay

I have been putting this off FOREVER.  Of course, I knew I should sell my old vinyl and porcelain dolls on eBay, because something has to fund my addiction to resin ball jointed dolls, but deep down I was scared.  I have read horror stories--who hasn't?-- of sellers being bilked by unscrupulous buyers.  On the other hand, I have bought lots of lovely things myself on eBay without any problems whatsoever.  There was one issue, long ago, but I eventually received the item I had paid for so all ended well.

Goodreau Innuendo, vinyl first edition with new faceup.

Every so often, eBay sends me emails trying to entice me into listing items for sale.  The most recent was an offer to list items at a fixed price (i.e., no auctions) for free.  The catch is that I'm limited to 80,000 fixed price listings.  Excuse me?  I don't have 80,000 items to sell.  I don't think I even own 80,000 items.  I think I'm safe there.

So I dragged out the list of dolls that I would love to part with, limiting myself to the ones I currently have shipping boxes for.  (That's another thing:  I need to get shipping boxes.) 

Evangeline Ghastly wrapped in her box.

I tried to list a doll once before, but gave up because I couldn't figure out the shipping costs.  Since then I have purchased a digital postage scale.  Problem solved.  I now know what the box weighs without hauling it to the Post Office.  That said, you have to keep an eye on eBay.  I noticed as I was writing my listings that eBay calculates the size and weight for me--and sometimes does it wrong.  Tell me, how does a 16-inch doll fit into a box that is only 7 inches long?  These are not BJDs, capable of being disassembled and packed into a smaller box for shipping.  These are vinyl dolls.  They were not meant to be taken apart.

Essential Prudence with her 3 wigs.

I listed 5 dolls today:  Wilde Imagination's Evangeline Ghastly "A Tangled Web"; Wilde Imagination's "Essential Prudence Wigged Out"; Ashton-Drake's Gene "The King's Daughter"; Tonner's Mary Engelbreit "Queen Ann Estelle"; and one BJD:  Goodreau's vinyl Innuendo.  While I was working on my listings, eBay would send me a notice confirming each one.  At one point I noticed that I had more emails than dolls listed.  I took a closer look.  Evangeline Ghastly sold while I was listing other dolls!  How's that for fast?  I don't expect the rest of them to sell so quickly.  In fact, I'll be thrilled if I manage to sell even one or two more. 

The glorious Gene Marshall, by Mel Odom

One person has asked me a couple of questions about one of the dolls.  I don't know if she is honestly interested.  She sounds more like she is challenging me.  I understand the impulse to do that, because I have been tempted myself on occasion.  The only difference is I didn't actually ask my question.  In answer to this one, all I can say is I didn't photograph the doll wearing each of her 3 wigs because it never occurred to me to do so.  She insists the doll arrives in the box wearing one of the wigs.  If so, I don't remember which one.  They're all there.  What does it matter?

Queen Ann Estelle, just as Mary Englebreit envisioned her.

OMG, I've sold another one!  Prudence is spoken for.

Updated 7/29 to say that Queen Ann Estelle has sold.  I'd better go home tonight and list a few more.

I'm that much closer to placing an order with Fairyland!

** I am having problems with Internet Explorer, which stops working each time I try to insert a photo.  I will try to upload the post now and insert the photos later.  Sorry for the inconvenience. **

** I am also having difficulty with Firefox, which insists on turning photos of Gene and Ann Estelle on their sides.  Is there any search engine out there that works? [ grumble grumble mutter] **

*** Problem fixed, by converting my sideways photos to .png files, which allows Blogger to "see" a Canon portrait photo without converting it to landscape.  I still needed Firefox to upload them, because IE kept crashing. ***

Updated 8/3 to report four dolls sold out of six listed.  Just as I was trying to list a seventh doll, a message popped up on my screen informing me that I had surpassed my ceiling for earnings in one month.  There is a ceiling?  I never heard of that before.  Is it only for new sellers?  Very curious.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sundress for Sidonie

Let's face it, last week's weather at Resin Corner was brutal.  As if week after week of rain weren't enough, the temperatures soared upwards and the humidity turned the heat oppressive.  It was too hot to sew, too humid to work on faceups.  Rarely do I wish for winter, but last week I found myself longing for snow.  I knew I should sew something for the blog, but I couldn't stop dripping long enough to settle down and do it.

Yesterday, finally, the weather pattern broke and a cold front moved through.  Ah, relief at last!  This morning I gathered my ideas and my fabric for a quick sew.  Not the pants I had cut out for Boris.  That fabric is a dark knit and I felt hot just looking at it, despite the drop in the temperature.  For a while I contemplated creating a bikini for one of my MiniFees.  After some reflection I decided I would make a sundress instead.

An unsupported Sidonie, moments
before the wind blew her down.

There is no pattern as such.  I did use one pattern piece, the halter top from MHD Designs' Plaisirs d'Ete for Ellowyne Wilde.  To it I added a wide waistband.  This is a rectangular piece.  For the longest side measure around the doll's waist, plus an inch for seams and overlap; then figure an inch and a half for the shortest side.  I originally cut a piece only one inch wide, then found it wasn't wide enough to attach the halter to the top and the skirt to the bottom and still have some waistband in between.  For the skirt I cut a rectangle of fabric roughly six inches by fourteen inches.  For a shorter skirt use a measurement of five inches or even less.  I made the skirt longer because I didn't want to make the matching bloomers.  I knew from having made a version of this dress before that fourteen inches would give me exactly the fullness I wanted.  The beauty of a skirt like this is that it can be as full or as slim as the seamstress desires.

I trimmed the bottom of the skirt with black lace and a row of pale lavender trim for contrast.  Then, because her decolletage was so revealing, I added a pale lavender bow.  Alas, it doesn't really fill up the space, but rather draws the eye toward the very feature I was trying to minimize.  Oops!  Oh well, Sidonie has the figure to rock this look.  If she likes it, I'm happy.

The Plaisirs d'Ete pattern includes a bolero which I might make to finish off the outfit.  Ellowyne Wilde has smaller hands than most bjds, so when using her patterns it is often necessary to compensate for narrow sleeve openings.  Active-line MiniFee hands are attached by magnets, however, so I can remove the hands to put on the garment.  Looking at the pattern pieces and the photos on the pattern cover, I'm pretty sure the bolero will fit Sidonie without alteration.

Sidonie's wig has a label inside that says Soom, which surprised me because I had stored it in a bag with a tag that said Luts.  I wonder where the Luts wig is?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chittenden County Doll Club Meet-Up July 2013

Normally I wait for ModernWizard to post first, because she is the only one who writes down the names of the various doll sculpts in attendance.  She has not posted yet, however, so I am going to do the best I can and fill in the rest of the names later.  I can identify most of them--except for the Volks dolls.

There were four doll owners at this meet-up:  ModernWizard, Lyrajean, Goldi and me.  Even though ModernWizard brought only one doll, there were a good many resinfolk there.

I didn't get a shot of the whole group this time.  This is about
half of it.  Goldi's dolls on the left, mine on the right.
ModernWizard's excuse for not bringing more dolls was that she had a set piece to carry.  She is totally forgiven, in that the set piece was awesome!  It's a 3-D forest scene that she made from scratch (no kit involved) and little by little, all the smaller dolls found their way into the forest except for MW's Soom Faery Legends Auber, named Timonium, who in my opinion should have been lurking in the shrubbery observing the "human" resinfolk at rest and play.

His monochromatic color scheme works very well.  Too bad
he wasn't around when I dressed nearly all my dolls for a
black and white party.  He would have been invited for sure.

Lyrajean brought a number of Volks SDs: an F26 in the kimono, a sleeping School A on a Volks SD13 boy body (who slept through the entire meet), a Volks Tony with a Volks Masha, and her Volks YoSD Kira, along with a Custom House Ai Sariel, who looked antique and lovely, as well as her always-gorgeous Iplehouse EID Asa, who was sporting new brown boots that seemed to go on forever.

This is most of the other half.
The rest of the second half: Volks Tony and Masha, with little
Kira in the background.

Goldi came a little late and breathless after taking possession of her new Luts Kid Delf girl with the Summer Event Kid Delf head.  Elf ears -- Yes!  She took the time to make a video of her box opening to post on Den of Angels.  I had to laugh when I viewed it last night because she sped up the parts where she dressed Elodie (Kid Delf) and Tiny Delf Dorothy.  Wish my fingers were that nimble!

Goldi's crew.  Elodie managed to terrify poor Chloe with that gun.

I was happy to see the Kid Delf next to Fairyland MiniFee Chloe, because I had been wondering how they compared in size.  Fairyland was formerly part of Luts; the Kid Delf line is Luts's replacement for the departed MiniFees.  Goldi also brought her Luts Tiny Delf Dorothy, whose new wig, dress and eyes complete her ghost girl look.  Bambicrony Ciao Bella tan skin CherryTea sported a sweet new outfit from DollHeart.  Also new, and a big hit at the meet-up, was Camellia Dynasty Fantastic Pet Bean, the most adorable resin rabbit ever.  He was strung a bit loosely after painting, so he is also the floppiest resin rabbit ever.

Shoeshine, Madame?  Eek!  I'm in love!

I brought six dolls:  Iplehouse JID Benny and JID Boris, because they are my newest dolls; Iplehouse BID Erzulie, because I thought she might be the right size for the forest scene; and my three Fairyland RealPukis: SoSo, KaKa and PuPu, because a) they insisted and b) they don't take up much room.  JaNeece (aka JID Benny) is wearing the wig I bought for Boris, while he is wearing a Monique Gold Buttercup wig that I've had forever and didn't think would fit him because it's a 6/7 and his stated size is 7/8. 

Iplehouse Benny and Boris.  I made the dress for JID Asa last
year.  Benny, Boris and Erzulie are Real Skin resin.
For anyone wondering how MiniFees compare to Iple JIDs,
here are JID Boris and MNF Chloe.  She is wearing heels. 
Boris was more than happy to offer comfort after the gun episode.

ModernWizard's forest provided fun for all the small dolls.  It must be an enchanted forest, because once a doll entered into it and sat down, she never wanted to leave.

First ones there were Sariel and Kira.

Enter the RealPukis, with mischief on their minds.

SoSo threw a tantrum, egged on by KaKa and PuPu.

Sariel went off to get a change of clothes and Erzulie sat down.
The RealPukis decided they had better behave themselves,
although one of them may have peed in Erzulie's lap.

Erzulie gave her seat to CherryTea and hid in the background
while Bean and Ghost Girl crept in.

That's all folks!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Dolled Up MiniFee--Done

Well, I finished it.  I'm not sure how I feel about the completed look.  The cropped top is a definite yes!  It's cute.  I like it.  The vest?  I don't know.  It looks like something the Golden Girls might wear.  But a MiniFee?  She's too young to carry off that look.  Maybe in a different fabric.  I'm willing to try it again, maybe in cotton gauze this time.  In fact, the vest and pants might work well together in cotton gauze--so long as they don't end up looking like pajamas.

The pants might fit better on a MiniFee with cutie legs instead of model legs.  Fairyland's cutie legs are slightly longer than model legs.  You would think it would be the other way around, what with models generally being tall and thin.  These pants are long, and I already hemmed them shorter than I think the pattern called for.  I need to try them on one of the other girls to see.  I am also second-guessing my fabric choice.  The pink flowers on the rich ivory background read more flesh tone than pink.  I don't particularly like it with the pink floral vest.  In fact, the striped jeans from Her Delicate Strength (see last Sunday's post) are the perfect color and fit, so I think I will use those jeans with this outfit and sew a different top to go with the new jeans.

I did not make the belt.  It needs to be cut from fabric that doesn't fray, because it is not lined, folded or stitched.  I have some pieces of imitation leather fabric, but the colors are too dark to pair with these pants.  Also, the only buckles I have on hand are too small for the width of the belt.  I could cut a narrower belt and use one of my buckles.  Or maybe I'll just thread a grosgrain ribbon like I did with the HDS jeans.  I rather like that look.  It's both informal and cute.

For next week I am hoping to sew a pair of pants for Iplehouse JID Boris, who remains nameless because I can't think of a name that goes with that face.  The pants he is wearing are strained to their limit across his butt, so I am hoping to reuse the same pattern with a fabric that has some stretch.  We have a doll meet-up on Saturday, and I want him looking his best.  Poor guy, it's bad enough I have already given his new short wig to one of the Iplehouse girls, who looks totally adorable in it.  The least I can do is give him pants that fit.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

I thought I would resurrect the patriotic costumes I made.  Was it last year?  Or the year before?  Either way, their appearance is timely, as today is July 4th, Independence Day.

There is a third outfit, but it was made for PukiFee Zoe and I have since sold her.  I kept the dress in case I buy another PukiFee.  (I want one with a Multi-head.  That size head is smaller than a PukiFee head and larger than a PukiPuki head.  You can use it with either body, hence, Multi-head.)

Today's cast of characters includes Milikins, my Kaye Wiggs fair skin Millie, and Lilibets, my Kaye Wiggs tan elf Lillie.  New to the tableau is a red-white-and-blue wheelbarrow that I found at JoAnn Fabrics over the Memorial Day weekend.  It was on sale.  What more can I say?

I hope you'll forgive the little ones if they got their salutes mixed up.  It should be done with the right hand.

The pattern for their outfits is Anchors Away, by My Own Little World.

Of course, it wouldn't be a summer holiday without some fun in the sun.  Basking in their own mini Adirondack chairs are my three RealPukis, Soso, Kaka and Pupu.  (They have proper names, I just can't remember them at the moment.)  The chairs are another recent find.  They are supposed to be napkin holders:  you pull the napkin through the chair legs and set it on the table.  One look told me they were RealPuki size.  The store had them in three different colors, so I picked up one of each.  Perfect for a cookout or for watching a parade, don't you think?

Happy Fourth!