Sunday, June 9, 2013

White Elves at Home

There are three reasons for this post: 1. Pendaran (Soom Quartz) has a new wig and eyes. 2. Calandra (Fairyland Juri 2008) has a new wig and dress. 3. LittleFee Ante Elf (Fairyland) is so cute she doesn't need a reason, but if you want one, she is sporting new frog shoes modeled after Crocs.

This is a Daddy-sized stool. Ante wants to get up on it, but she can't reach.
All three are elves in white resin.  (If you want to split hairs, Quartz is an Ice Dragon, but look at those ears.  Elf, I say.) It struck me that I had the makings of a little family here.

Up at last, with an assist from big sister Calandra.
Recently I ordered 3 Special Art Wigs and 2 pairs of glass eyes from LeekeWorld. Normally I buy LeekeWorld wigs from Denver Doll Emporium, but they are still waiting for their Green Fairy wigs to arrive so I went straight to the source. There I found additional styles I liked that weren't on DDE's list of coming wigs. I wish I had ordered more eyes. They had so many pretty colors!

"What are you two up to?"
I wanted Pendaran's wig in a color called Slate, which was mixed with shades of blue. LeekeWorld was out of size 8-9, so I opted for the Cream version, with its mix of cream, blue and violet, which turned out to be a very happy decision. It has taken me a while, but his look is finally coming together. I still need to hold the wedding between Pendaran and Siean (I came up with a great name for her--wish I could remember it) but I  need to make him a special outfit for it first.

"There you go, little one."
I found Calandra's new dress on the Den of Angels Marketplace. As usually happens, I wasn't looking to buy anything. I had an outfit to list for sale and needed to check out the listing format, as I hadn't sold clothing before. In doing so, I found the prettiest little blue dress, with a short, full lace skirt and a crochet top. It's the same style dress that Lyra's Bambicrony doll had on at the last meetup. I liked hers so much I was thrilled to find one in a size my MiniFees could wear. Calandra's new wig is the Green Fairy that DDE is still awaiting.

This wig's predominant color is cream. The yellow and green
appear to be painted on or dyed. LeekeWorld warns that some
of their Art Wigs contain pearl powder, which may rub off.
Pendaran also has a new long-sleeve tee shirt to go with his pinstripe vest and pants. These are the vest and pants I thought had gone missing. I found them (finally) on the top shelf in my closet, along with another outfit I had been looking for. Originally I made a white long-sleeve tee to go with the pinstripe suit, but I quickly discovered that the stark white did not suit his pale complexion. I sewed the blue one yesterday.

I love the ponytail at the back of this wig. It doesn't show
in this photo, but you can see it in the other photos above.
His new eyes are blue.
All of my small girls are wearing new Crocs. I bought them in a package of 6 pairs, all in different colors. Ante was delighted that there was a color that matched her outfit. Some of the others weren't so lucky (see Julie's yellow pair in last week's blog post). The rubber shoes are designed to fit Affordable Designs Leann, but they also fit LittleFees, Iplehouse BIDs and Kaye Wiggs's tinies. Happy feet all around.

This is the wig that came with her full set. I like it because it
shows off her elf ears.
In other news, I trimmed the brown curly wig that I bought for JaNeece (Iplehouse JID Benny). It's still big, but nowhere near as big as it was last week. She's liking it much better.

The wig is not short by any means, but it sure left a
lot of hair on the table.
Also, I sold my Elfdoll Smiling Soah, who is on her way to Canada to learn French. Instead of putting the money toward a body for my MiniFee Siean event head, as I should have done, I spent it on an Iplehouse JID Boris. He should be here in a few days, so look for him next week.


  1. Love the new wigs and crocs. I'm always super impressed with the size difference between the SDs and the MNFs. Congratulations on your JID Boris, he's an awesome sculpt!

  2. Quartz is a Soom Super Gem, so 65 cm. MiniFees are what? 41 cm? It's a big enough difference that I hesitated to show them together. She looks like a little kid next to him. LittleFee Ante works as a toddler. Anything smaller doesn't work at all. LOL

    No sign that Boris has shipped yet. I'm getting antsy!