Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outfit in Progress for MiniFee

The outfit, appropriately enough, is called All Dolled Up MiniFee.  It's by Adams-Harris Pattern Company and is one of three patterns I bought recently to make clothes for my MiniFee girls.  When it is finished, it will consist of jeans, a cropped top, and a long, flowing knit vest.

Pattern and the fabrics for the vest (foreground) and jeans.

I had hoped to get more of it done this weekend.  That's until my sewing machine decided the pink sparkle knit I chose for the top was very good to eat.  After it started chewing fabric, I opted to hand-sew the top instead.  What I should have done was verify that my machine had a ball-point needle installed.  I didn't, because I assumed the last thing I sewed was the blue knit top for Soom Quartz.  Obviously I sewed something else in between, because the needle I removed from my machine (after hours of tedious hand labor) has a regular point.  Lesson learned.  There is now no needle in my sewing machine.  The next time I want to use it, I will be forced to choose the appropriate needle.

Whoa!  Between the cropped top and the low rider jeans,
that's a lot of skin you're showing, Mallory.

Lucky for me, I already have a pair of jeans for MiniFee.  They were included in the sale when I bought my Shushu, Mallory.  Luckier still, the color works perfectly with the new pink top.  I am going to make another pair anyway, because once Siean's body arrives, I will have four MiniFee girls to dress.  I have a feeling they all will want their own jeans.  I am going to sew them in a pink mini-floral print next (it looks orange in the photo above), and then maybe in white to go with a green and blue stripe top.  After the white?  I don't know.  Still thinking about that one.

HDS (Her Delicate Strength) made the jeans.  A knotted
grosgrain ribbon works fine until I can make a belt.

The vest calls for a knit with some drape to it.  I have a few fabrics that will work.  Whether I can find coordinating knits for tops is another question.  For now, the present outfit will use the pink floral knit pictured above.  This fabric has given me problems in the past, but I think the vest is a better pattern for it.  Time will tell.

I love this wig.  It's called Lucy, from Cherish Doll.
The color is Strawberry Chocola.

Yesterday, while running an errand in town, I stumbled upon a shop that features both yarn and antiques.  You never know what you will find in a place like that, so of course, I had to browse.  What I found was labeled a hanging shelf.  It had some shiny new hanging hardware on the back, but in my opinion, this item started its life as a doll-sized chest of drawers, maybe for jewelry or to store other small treasures.  It has three drawers with an open shelf on the bottom, and I'll bet you a box of doughnuts that that shelf once held a now lost or broken fourth drawer.  From the looks of it, the paint job is of recent vintage.  I am thinking of painting it to match Caroline's parlor if my craft paints can duplicate that Wedgwood blue.  Or maybe I should paint it a different color altogether.  I'd love to find some replacement drawer pulls. Wouldn't you know, my town's only hobby shop closed its doors a few months ago.  Guess I'd better gas up the car.

Mallory shows off her antique store find.  That bottom shelf
will be perfect for shoes!


  1. I have this pattern!! I think you're inspiring me to dig it out and get to work on it, lol! The outfit looks great so far!

  2. I can't wait to see the new outfit once you have finished it. Great find at the antique/yarn store. I've never seen anything like that hanging on a wall.