Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Wigs for the Boys

Why is it so hard to find a good, short wig for bjd boys?  I'll admit, I have only a rudimentary knowledge of wig-making.  Maybe it is more difficult to construct a head-hugging wig that is neither too full nor too long than it is to construct a full head of long wavy hair.  Some wig makers leave their short wigs long in front. That's okay with me if I am able to sweep the hair across the doll's forehead and have it stay in place.  Photo sessions turn into a real chore if I must spend half my time pushing hair out of my resin menfolk's eyes.  And let's talk about mohair wigs for a moment.  You can style them using nothing more than your fingers and the hair will stay in place.  The trouble is that when I look at one all I see is a fur hat.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across a short style men's wig at the Nine9Style website.  The wig is made by For My Doll and comes in a variety of colors and in sizes to fit most of my guys.  I didn't hesitate to buy it in three sizes:  6/7, 7/8, and 8/9.  I could have been a little braver in my color choices: the 6/7 and the 8/9 are both Sweet Brown.  I got the 7/8 in two colors: Natural Black for JID Boris, and Cherry Wine for MiniFee Siean.  Yes, Siean is going to be a girl (I toyed briefly with the idea of buying a boy body for her) but I thought the short wig would look gamin with her elf ears.

Andrew, seen with Jillian (nYID Audrey).  Boy, will Shane be mad!
Judging by that little smirk, Andrew doesn't care.
First up, Iplehouse Andrew nYID wearing the 8/9 in Sweet Brown.  Previously I had him in a blond wig and thought he looked washed out.  The Andrew I fell in love with on Iple's website had a dark wig on, so I knew he had to have dark brown.  (I happen to have the same wig shown on Iple's site.  Unfortunately, you can't find Andrew's face underneath all the hair, which is how he came to wear a blond wig in the first place.)

Boris's bangs are uneven.  I may have to trim this one.
Next up, Iplehouse Boris JID wearing the 7/8 in Natural Black.  I'm not in love with the fit of this wig on him.  I think the color is the problem.  Black wigs always seem to be made from a different kind of fiber. It's coarser and stiffer, much like real black hair.  When you push it aside to show a bit of forehead or to uncover the ears, it falls back into place.  Of the four wigs I bought, this is the only one that looks like someone put a bowl on the doll's head and cut around it.  Sorry, Boris, I'll get you another color sometime.  Maybe Sweet Brown.  (I'm so unimaginative.)

It's a real catalog!  You need a magnifying glass to read the
text, not that it matters unless you are fluent in Korean.
Last but not least, Bimong's Narin shows off the 6/7 in Sweet Brown.  Narin also has a revised faceup (new eyebrows and some brown shadow around the eyes, not that you can see either in this photo) for a look that differs from what he had before.  My older Narae likes it.  She was happy to spend time with him--and a miniature catalog from Nine9Style--this afternoon.  It's the first chance I've had to show off her two piece dress made from the Fun & Flouncy pattern in Haute Doll's August 2010 issue.  It fits much better when she is standing.  When she sits, the top rides up so that the shoulders sit above her shoulders.

A better view of Narae's outfit.  The skirt has two tiers, one in
green floral and the other in a brown polka dot.  Narin's outfit
is by Tonner for Matt O'Neill dolls.
I will save the Cherry Wine wig until Siean's body arrives.  At the rate Fairyland is filling orders, I figure that will be sometime in September.

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