Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Julie Gets a Big Sister!

Julie, as you may remember, is my Iplehouse BID Erzulie.  Say hello, Julie:

"Hello.  I'm getting a big sister!"
(Wig from LeekeWorld, but not one of the new ones.)
Iplehouse Benny was released as a Limited Edition, an ebony doll with a colorful African outfit. It was love at first sight! But instead of buying her, I put Benny on my wish list, where time and again newer dolls jumped ahead of her. Like Erzulie, who was one of Iple's first Elemental Guardians, a forest sprite with ebony skin, a mushroom hat and a cute yellow dress. I didn't buy the fullset, just the doll in realskin resin. And continued to wait for the right time to get Benny.

Wig on top, doll box on the bottom.  I'm surprised Iple doesn't
fill up the empty space with air pillows.  Anything to keep the
contents from shifting and the box from being dented.  I was
lucky--no dents.
They were not intended to be family, but the resemblance was striking. Even though I would have liked to have Benny in a darker resin, when I finally ordered her I ordered realskin to match Julie. A few weeks later, Iplehouse introduced a new faceup. Uh-oh! Would I get the old faceup, which I loved, or the new faceup, which I didn't like as much? I couldn't tell from my online order form. If I checked the status of the order on my home computer, I saw the new faceup. If I checked at work, I saw the old faceup. Which would it be?

The mummy rises.
Iplehouse shipped Benny in late afternoon on May 29th, at roughly the same time that LeekeWorld shipped an order of wigs and eyes. How perfect if they were to arrive together! Maybe it has to do with the size of the respective boxes, but the LeekeWorld order was handed over to the air carrier on the 29th, while the Iplehouse box was handed over 24 hours later. I resigned myself to picking them up a day apart.

Beautiful even without a wig.
I wasn't home when the wig order arrived on Friday the 31st. My mail carrier left a notice in my mailbox. On Saturday morning I went to the Post Office, signed for the wigs, then mentioned to the clerk that there would be another box arriving today. I supposed it was already on the truck and out for delivery. The clerk remembered seeing another parcel for me and went in the back room, re-emerging a short time later with the larger Iplehouse box. Yes! I signed for the second box and raced home with both.

Note the artful cropping, which keeps the fullness of the wig
out of the picture.
Need I mention that I was nervous about opening the box? I wanted the old faceup. Would it be worth putting up a fuss if I received the new faceup instead? I opened the outer box. Inside, I saw a small bubble-wrapped package containing the wig I ordered from Iplehouse, and under it the large bubble-wrapped box containing the doll. Inside the blue Iplehouse box was a layer of black foam, under it more black foam with the shape of the doll cut into it. I removed the doll-shaped foam. There she was. Even through the clear plastic face mask and more bubble wrap I could see that she had the original faceup. Big sigh of relief!

Julie has new Crocs.  They come in 6 colors, none of them red.
I dressed her in the floral jumper and white blouse I had bought on sale earlier, along with red boots. The wig is the same as the curly red wig I got with Bianca, but in brown. It makes for a HUGE head of hair! I think I am going to have to trim it. I wanted her to have an Afro, but this is too much. I tried to style it into two tails on either side of her face. Unhappily, this pulled on the curls and made them seem even longer. I squeezed the hair back together, which seems to be all it needs to hold itself together. There must be a ton of hairspray in this wig.

Julie and big sis JaNeece.  Julie has experienced some fading /
greening from sun exposure.  There will be no sun for JaNeece!
We tried on other wigs while we were at it. I must have been hot and tired at that point, because they are all blurry and look like mug shots. I'll have to retake them, maybe when she is modeling other fashions.

I rather like her as a blonde!  (Wig from Blue Fairy.)
I have decided to call her JaNeece, or Neecy for short.

And what of the wigs and eyes in the LeekeWorld order? One wig and one pair of eyes were for Soom Quartz, the other pair of eyes was for Bimong's Narin. The other two wigs were for MiniFees. You'll see them all in other posts.

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  1. They are both lovely! Congratulations. I'm sure Julie is thrilled to have a big sis around. While she might be a little faded, she still looks lovely! JaNeece is really amazing, so beautiful, and I'm really glad you got the faceup you wanted on her.