Sunday, June 16, 2013

JID Boris Is Here

I found Boris on the Den of Angels Marketplace. I wasn't looking to buy another doll, honest. I was in there to bump up my listing for MiniSupia Yan. Once a day, sellers can reply to their own listings, thereby bumping them to the head of the line. Of course, with everyone doing it, your listing quickly moves back down, but it does get you onto page one for a while. That's how I found Boris. His listing appeared above Yan's so I stopped to have a look. One photo. That's all I had to go on. And that's all it took. I didn't "bite" right away. I think I may have waited a day. Then I acted. No way was this one going to get away.

Boris in real skin, with a couple of pesky wig hairs across his cheek.
The weird thing is that I didn't care for Boris when I first saw him on the Iplehouse website. His debut faceup did absolutely nothing for me. Iplehouse redid it later. Sometimes the old faceup remains as an option, but his disappeared completely. So you'll understand when I say I wasn't looking to add a Boris to my crew. The Boris on the Marketplace was dressed and wigged differently from the one on the official site. And I immediately liked the look.

Boris with JID Tania.  I like the difference in height between them.
They are wearing the same shirt in reverse prints.
I don't think I've ever been so concerned about a doll's safe arrival. Boris shipped from a part of Colorado very close to the wildfires. I worried that the seller might have to evacuate the area before making it to the Post Office. Fortunately, Boris arrived yesterday (Saturday) after a 3-day journey, safe and sound. (I hope the seller is likewise safe and sound, as I have heard nothing since Wednesday.)

I actually got them both to sit, despite very tight pants.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying clothes on Boris. (He'll get another name, as soon as I come up with one I like.) All of my present and past MSD-sized boys fall into the category of slim mini; Boris is taller and broader. He's beefy, even in the model-type body, which is what I have. This means that Boris tried on a lot of pants that wouldn't close in front. A couple of knit tops will work. They're snug, but not objectionably so.

Proof that neither of them is leaning on the birdcage. Tania
can't sit up as straight--her pants are tighter.
I found one pair of pants that he can wear. There is just enough give in the fabric that I can tug it closed at the waist. Granted, only one small snap stands between modesty and a wardrobe malfunction, but it will do until I can buy or make something else. I will have to figure out how to re-size my existing patterns. I'm not even sure which pattern his pants came from. Was it a pattern for a SoulKid boy or one that I downsized from an SD pattern? I'll have to re-read some of my blog posts to find out.

The Profile.
Wigs are another story. None of my size 7/8 wigs are meant for a boy. My other mini boys wear 6/7 wigs. I found one that he can wear for the time being. Trouble is, it's blonde and I don't envision him as a blonde, especially with his black eyebrows. The combination is a little too surfer-dude for me. I went online earlier today and ordered a short black wig. While I was at it, I ordered the same style in different colors for my size 6/7 and 8/9 guys. Not only is a good short wig hard to find, but I have learned that if I am going to order small items from Korea, I need to order enough to justify the shipping cost. Otherwise, the shipping is as much again as the price of the wig.

I should have taken photos yesterday, while the sun was shining.
It's raining today, so the flash went off on many of my photos.
For those of you interested in stats: Boris is 46 cm tall, with a 22.5 cm chest circumference, a 17.5 cm waist circumference, 22 cm hips (I am assuming that is what Iplehouse means by pelvis), 12.8 cm thighs, and a 6.5 cm foot length. That's the model body. The muscle body is slightly bigger.  No way would those pinstripe pants have fit a muscle-type body!

No stray hairs on this one. And no flash!

While I was shopping today, I ordered a MiniFee Active Line body for my Siean event head. I'm tired of looking at the head perched atop a bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue. She wants a body, and I don't want to dismember either Sidonie (Celine) or Mallory (Shushu) to satisfy her whims. This time I ordered direct from FairyLand instead of through Denver Doll. Direct orders seem to go out more quickly, from what I'm seeing in the FairyLand waiting room on DoA. Now the waiting begins.


  1. Boris looks great! He's a sculpt I would be interested in if I ever get into Iplehouse dolls. Also, congrats on the body for your floating Siean head. She's sure to enjoy being able to pose better than she can on the glue bottle. :)

    1. I posted the Tacky Glue comment on DoA and found someone else who uses Aleene's for that purpose. Who knew?